Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ummmm.....what am I doing?

So, yeah, I don't quite know what I'm doing, but I finally decided to do it. Sounds deep and meaningful (kinda), but I'm now a blogger. I've been talking about doing this for some time. I've stalked blogs, people I know and people I don't know. I find some just plain fascinating and inspiring. Silly? Now I'm a part of this world.

Just so whoever out their reading this cares....I'm not good at spelling or grammar. If you read this and find that my writing is plain awful, then keep that to yourself. Trust me, I'll agonize over it enough on my own.

I'm not for sure of just what I want to write about or how I should go about this blog. I guess it will just come to me. Inspiration? Creativity? I really am wanting an outlet for creativity. I've lost some of my creativity throughout the years, but hopefully I can slowly start gaining it back. Not that I lost it along the road or sold it at a garage sale, but it's been hiding from me.

So....this will be random thoughts, stories of being a newlywed, fears of starting grad school, dreams of my future, complaints of my day, envy toward who I want to be and hopes of who I'm becoming.

Wish me luck!