Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For Wendy

A dear friend of mine has been hounding me about posting pictures from as Candice would say, forty baby showers I had. I only had four, but they were all special. I already posted Newman pics, so here are some from the Wyandotte, Blackwell and OKC showers. Are you happy now, Wendy? I will hopefully post pics of the nursery very soon....I'm waiting for the curtains to go up, rocker to be in place and last few pictures to be hung. I want it to be perfect before I show it off.
By the way...if anyone is keeping track, I have four weeks left! It is getting closer!

My sister, Casey, did an awesome job on the diaper cake. She is such the country version of Martha.

The shirt says..."It's a tractor thing, you wouldn't understand." My bf from high school got us it and also a shirt that has the CASE tractor logo on it. Blackwell shower cake. Brady looks so excited to be there. Brady bringing in the loot from the OKC shower.

Proud parents of BABY CASE!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I want...

I saw this shirt on a couple girls in the latest Oklahoma Today magazine. Now I'm itching to own one. Hmmm...it might have to be my first post-pregnancy clothing buy. Until then I will settle on a Okie Grown sticker or magnet. Here I come Dwelling Spaces!