Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Catching up...

Ok, so I don't think I'll be a failure if I don't post my food for EVERY DAY! I write it down in my tracker, but I think I'll cut myself some slack in the "must post every day" area.
I'm skipping Monday. Here is a glimpse of what it involved....

*cream cheese
*McDonald's and I didn't eat salad!

Here is today...

oatmeal: 2pts
canned, unsweetened peaches: 1 pt
brown sugar splenda: 1pt
diet cranberry juice: 0pt

small apple: 1pt
WW string cheese: 1pt

Subway:ham/turkey on wheat with cheese and lots of veggies, sweet onion dressing: 7pts
*I didn't get the meal deal with chips, that has never happened before.


square of chocolate cake: 3pts

baked cheetos: 3pts

egg white substitute: 1pt
2pc Canadian bacon: 1pt
1/2 a pack of WW shredded cheese: 1pt
2pc of 45 cal. bread: 1pt
salsa: 0pt

Dessert: Tasted like chocolate covered strawberries...yum!
strawberries: 1pt
60 cal. sugar free chocolate pudding: 1pt

After Case went to bed dessert :(
Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich: 2pt

I used all 25 points and only went over 2. This would be great if I hadn't used all my extra 35 points this past weekend and then some!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I heart Kansas City Part II

Take me to your food!
Now let's talk about how I did on the WW front....let's just say what happens on vacation (even though it was just the weekend) should stay on vacation. I only wish! The calories you eat rather it be in Vegas or Mexico come back with you and it can get pretty ugly. What I'm trying to get to here is that I went WAY OVER my points and then some.
I only had one....oh yeah, add a few points to the list, I forgot to count it!

Here is the truth of the matter....

2 pc. 45 cal bread: 1pt
1 TB pb: 3 pt
banana: 2 pt
bites of Brady's Breakfast: 4 pts
nuts & dried fruit mix: 3 pts

Lunch: California Pizza Kitchen
4 pcs of mushroom THIN crust: 7 pts

I love pizza

3 pc. of chocolate bar: 4pts

Dinner: Some burger joint in Crown Plaza
Cheeseburger: 8pts
Fries: 6 pts

Dessert: Sheridans Custard
Mint Chocolate Shake: 18pts
*Add all of that up and you get a whopping -31 points! Folks, I only get 25 points a day and 35 points extra for the week. You do the math!

Leftover pc. of mushroom pizza: 3 pts

Lunch: Winslow's BBQ
French Fries (they were soooo good!): 10pts
BBQ Beef Sandwich: 11pts
I think I committed a BBQ no-no...I dipped my food in ketchup!
*Ok, I was not a fan of the BBQ. They used a dry rub and I don't know if that is how all KC BBQ is, but I wasn't impressed. I like juicy, smothered in juices and sauce brisket. But did I mention the fries were YUMMY!
Snack: Like I needed one!
WW cookie: 1 pt
Dinner: Back in Wichita and wanted Taco Pronto
2 tacos: 6pts
1 tostado: 5pts
tortilla chips: 3 pts
guacamole (I made it): 4 pts

Again.....add them up and you get -18 points! I thought I did ok the first day other then the cheeseburger/fries and ice cream, but did I really need Taco Pronto Sunday night. I try to rationalize my eating and it's just not working for me. I need to realize that just one taco ends up being 2 tacos and a tostada. Having a bad day (Monday) and eating crap for dinner is not an excuse. Bad habits for me create bad habits for Case.
Case likes french fries a little too much.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed being in KC very much. I even scouted out other restaurants I want to try next time, but I also know next time I will plan a little better for the grub. Next time.....

I heart Kansas City Part I

Brady said I looked like a little girl in a candy store. This was his response to my face when I stepped foot onto the Plaza in KC. I don't "look" like I belong on the Plaza, I don't have the "money" to belong on the plaza, but oh, how I love the Plaza and all it's spoils. The one place I begged to go was the lovely Anthropologie! If I could have a shopping spree in any store (Target doesn't count), I would spend it all in Anthro. I only spent $10 there this time but my eyes soaked up every bit of prettiness.

If only.....

We also went to Paper Source....oh my! Again, lovely. I just wanted to touch all the paper and call it my own. We went to a few other stores, but these by far topped my favorites!
They had cupcake stationary!
By the end of the day, my little trio was pooped out. We ventured into Crown Center and had dinner (which I will talk about here in a bit).
My adorable hubby!

Crown Center was nothing special, but our hotel view of KC was wonderful! Next time we go, I know we will venture out more then we did, but hopefully next time we will be more well rested.
Case loved looking out our hotel window!

Sunday brought us to the Farmer's Market. It was a chilly mid-morning, so a brisk walk through did it for me. My favorite part was the Italian deli. Oh, the meats and cheeses were calling my name. I would've taste tested all of it! We ended up eating at a little BBQ place because I was told you can't visit KC and not eat BBQ! So we did.
Would like to go back here in the summer!

I love this little guy!
It was a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. I loved spending it with my boys. Now let's talk about the food....

Friday, May 7, 2010

Good Day

Today was a good day. This weekend may not be....Brady is taking Case and I to Kansas City for Mother's Day. I'm so excited just to get out of town! I'm still going to track and all, but I can't guarantee that I will be on my best WW behavior. I'll update once I get home.

2pc 45 calorie bread-1pt
1 TB pb-3pt
1 TB reduced sugar jelly-1pt

Snack: Birthday Celebration at work!
Cherry Crisp-5pts

2 pc. 45 calorie bread-1pt
deli ham-3pts
1 slice 2% cheese-1pt
baked cheetos-3pts
WW cookie-1pt
*Can you tell I cannot seem to go with out something sweet after every meal!

Dinner: Thanks Wendy! It was YUMMY and so WW friendly!
sweet potato-3 pts AND I didn't use butter!
BBQ grilled chicken breast-3pts
steamed broccoli-0pts

Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich-2pts

I used all 25 points and 2 extra points. That's pretty good.

Oh yeah....
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the wonderful and beautiful mothers out there....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day Seven: Weigh in

I weighed in today. I lost 2.2 lbs! I wanted it to be a little more, but I wasn't "super good" this week. Plus I did zero exercise. So, I will take 2.2lbs. The most exciting thing about losing 2.2lbs is that I am finally in the 180's!!!! I don't know when I was there last....
Even though I wasn't so good today, after weigh in of course, I still decided to write everything down. Usually day seven in my tracker is blank.
We are going to Kansas City this weekend and anytime one (ME!) travels, it is always a high points event. We will see....

Kashi Cereal Bar: 2pts
apple sauce-one snack pack: 1pt

Lunch: Picnic at work...Thanks Wendy for the grub! Yum.
hot dog: 5pts
hot dog bun: 3pts
cole slaw: 4pts
pasta salad: 4pts
baked beans: 5pts
1 cookie: 3pts
1 brownie: 5pts
2 bites of watermelon: 0pts

1 pack of Ritz bits pb: 3pts

Burrito (leftovers): 9pts
tortilla chips: 3pts

WW dessert: 3pts
*These are really good. They are the cookie dough sundae WW dessert. Nice to eat every once in awhile especially when craving a little something sweet, but I don't need to make a habit of buying these all the time.

And as usual this week, I used all 25 daily points and let's just double my points for the day....I used all 25 plus 25 over!!!!! Crazy.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, there is always tomorrow!

Day Six: Working at it...

So yesterday I posted Day Six which should be Day Five and today will be Day Seven but I'm posting about Day Six. Did you get that?
You would think as long as I've been on this WW journey (since 10/13/09) that I would have this all down, oh but I don't! I make choices that after I write them down, I think, WHY did you do that? So, even though I've been on WW for awhile now, I'm still working at it. Still trying to figure it out. I am definitely a work in progress!
Oh yeah, I weigh in today!!!!

2 pc 45 cal bread: 1pt
banana: 2pt
1 TB peanut butter: 3pt

Baked Cheetos: 3 pts

Lunch: (OK, seriously....14pts for my lunch, something has to change!)
Bowl of beans: 3 pts
1 pc bread: 1 pt
turkey: 2 pts
1 pc. cheese: 2 pts
2 pc. bacon: 3 pts
salad: 0 pts
sm amount of chipotle ranch: 2 pts
WW cookie: 1pt

Burrito Casserole:
Refried Beans: 2pts
onion/tomato: 0pts
tortilla: 3pts
cheese: 4pts
SKINNY COW (I think I had been putting Laughing Cow!) Ice Cream: 2pt

Used all 25 points plus 9 more. This put me 10 points over my 35 points for the week!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day Six: Case's Fault?

No. It's not the little man's fault. It was my mind thinking I NEEDED bites of his cake or bites of his donut. Goodness, I need to feed my kid better! But it was his birthday right?
So I went over....by 8. If your counting, I've used all 35 extra points this week, plus one AND the week isn't over. I will say, this week in tracking is going much better then usual. By this time in the past I am 35 points over my extra 35 points.

Next....I need to tackle exercise!

2 pc. 45 cal bread-1pt
small amount of egg white substitute-1pt
1/2 portion of WW individual bag's of shredded cheese-1pt
1 pc. Canadian bacon-1pt
diet juice-0pt

7 pc. chocolate rice cakes

1/2 BLT (no mayo)-8pts
6 skinny fries-3pts
smaller amount then yesterday of chiptole ranch-2pts
3 small bites of cake-3

1 pc. of pizzeria cheese/mushroom pizza-6pts
1/2 donut-3 pts
WW dessert-3pts
*Let me explain: I thought if I bought a WW dessert to eat while Case was eating his birthday donut, then I wouldn't want any....you can laugh now because seriously...I should've known better. ***

I used all 25 points plus 8 more. This means today I really need to stay within my points. Stay tuned....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Baby Boy

One year ago today I gave birth to a beautiful, perfect baby boy. That day was hard but the end result was a joy to hold in my arms for the first time. I knew then what I know now....I was in love. He has brought so much to my life. I love watching him think. I love watching him walk. I love watching him play. I love when he cuddles. I love watching him sleep. I love listening to him laugh. I love my little man and I will forever and ever. Happy Birthday Case Killian! Then


Day Four: Choices

I bought a meal ticket to our cafeteria. They have a yummy salad bar. They also have other yummy food that should not be on my plate. Yesterday my plate was attacked with too much food. It wasn't necessarily the choices I made but the amount I ate. Also, I'm not very good at this points figuring. I think I usually go way over or way under how many points something should be. I need to work on that one.

2 slices 45 calorie bread-1pt
1 TB peanut butter-3pt

granola bar-2pt

1/2 chicken breast-2pt
chipotle ranch dressing *need to make better decision next time*-4pt
2 pc cantaloupe-1pt
cup of berry captain crunch (dry)-3pt

chicken breast-3pt
sweet potato with butter-4pt

Laughing Cow Ice Cream Sandwich-2pt

I used all 25 points and then some....8 extra.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Day Three: I heart Avacados

Did not stay within my points, but that was because of a lovely tasting avocado. AND I am ok with that! I had a pretty calm day....don't get me started on how my night went. Case doesn't understand that momma needs her beauty sleep.

banana-2 pts
2 slice 45 calorie bread-1pt
reduce fat peanut butter-3pt
*I love PB, but hate how many points it cost me.*

2 slice 45 calorie bread-1pt
1 slice 2% cheese-1pt
3 thin slices deli ham-3 pt
dill pickle-0pt
baked Cheetos-3pt

Laughing Cow Ice Cream Sandwich (YUM!)-2pts
*I was going to do the no desserts for a week thing, but desserts are my happy food, desserts are my thing. I figured if I deprived myself for a whole week that at the end I would just binge on every sweet snack I could find. So instead I have bought some "diet" desserts and will munch on them when I see fit.*

Dinner: *I need to put this in a recipe builder but until then these are the points I came up with...*
olive oil-1pt
1 avocado-8pts
*Worth every point!!!!*
Laughing Cow Ice Cream Sandwich-2pts

Used all 25 points....went 8 over.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 2: Resisting Sam

I did pretty well today considering I went to Sam's Club. It's like every time you turn the corner you are hit with some sort of bite size goody. I did eat a piece of Angus burger, a piece of turkey/cheese on a wheat thin and a couple of drinks of Mexican Coke (the beverage, not the drug). All in all it was a good day. I need to find a breakfast food that fills me up but that is not too many points.... Any suggestions?

1 1/2 Kashi Cereal Bar: 3 pts
Diet Cranberry Juice: 0 pts

1 1/2 grilled cheese (regular bread, 2% cheese): 6 pts
*****The 1/2 of Kashi bar and 1/2 grilled cheese is because Case didn't eat all of his....I need to get out of the habit of eating his other half!*****
3 dill pickles: 0 pts
chocolate pudding cup: 2pts

Bite size goodies at Sam's: 4 pts

3 Pork Ribs: 6pts
2 sliced tomatoes: 0 pts
Green Giant Cauliflower with Cheese: 1 pt

Annies Honey Bunny Grahams 10pc.: 3 pt

I used all 25 of my points for the day AND drum roll please.....DID NOT GO OVER! I haven't done that in a long time.