Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Favorite Month

October is by far my favorite month. I love it because I said my vows in this month, the air is becoming crisp, the colors are turning outside and inside, warm and hearty meals take place, goblins run around and I can get anything that is pumpkin flavored. I love this tenth month. Here are a few snapshots of my month so far....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One Year of Marriage...One Day Late

One Year Ago...yesterday.
For our 1 year anniversary this weekend Brady and I went back to the same town, the same church and the same reception sight where we celebrated our wedding. We drove around Neosho talking about that day a year ago and talking some about the road ahead of us. To my surprise Brady had booked a room at the Booneslick Lodge (funny name!) for us. This was the same room we stayed in our first night as husband and wife. I walked through the door to a dozen red roses on the table. It was perfect. He gave me the best present...more fond memories. I can't wait for all of our years to come.

In front of the church where we were married.

My first ever dozen roses....a perfect occasion for them.