Thursday, August 28, 2008

4 Years

Brady and I met four years ago today at a Hank Williams Jr. Concert. It was a warm August night at the Zoo Amphitheatre in OKC. My friend and her husband had gotten into a fight, so I walked around the amphitheatre grounds with my other friend. We kept passing these two guys. Being a little tipsy we kept giggling every time we saw them. Finally after one too many frozen beverages, I had to use the potty. Needless to say, we passed the two guys again and I never made it to the porcelain throne. We sat on a rock ledge and talked until the end of the concert. I even remember what he was wearing, a COLLEGE T-shirt and khaki shorts. We exchanged numbers and the rest is history.
It is pretty special that someday I will be able to tell our kids that Hank brought us together.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Birthday Weekend Part 2

Ok, so this post should have been Part 1, but oh well. Another reason that this was the perfect weekend to go to OKC was that one of Brady's bestest friends got hitched. The wedding was Friday night in Midwest City. After the beautiful wedding we all (wedding party and friends) went to Bricktown. We ended the night at my favorite bar, Wormy Dog. It was a great night had by all! Bride and Groom Chuck and Brady(what a serious face he has)Who's that girl with my man? Two of my favorite boys, oh how they drive me crazy!

My purdy pedicure....this is a before picture of my left big toe before I tore it half way off last night. Oh my goodness, it hurts like a.......

Birthday Weekend Part 1

This is a little late coming, but I am just now getting around to downloading the pictures. For my birthday this year, Brady got us a hotel room at the Colcord in OKC. I've been wanting to stay there because this was where I began my "adult" life. I worked there when it was an office building, Oklahoma Today was located on the first floor. I moved on from that job after 2 years (????) but I learned so much, met so many people and felt grown up for the first time ever. So, when they turned it into a hotel, I knew I would one day have to stay there.
Brady made that possible this last weekend. I spent the day with my best friend, Can. We then had dinner together with Can and her husband at the Deep Fork Grill. It was good but oh my was it pricey. We ended the night at Edna's off of Classen. That place had some pretty tasty beverages. I also enjoyed watching Edna dance on the bar. Brady and I headed back to our posh digs (for us anyway) and counted sheep until the next morning. Sunday we ate at Hideaway! Best Pizza EVER! While eating we talked about how much we missed Oklahoma. Brady even said, "Our hearts are here, aren't they?" Even though we may live in Kansas for a few more years, we will move back someday.
So that was my birthday present from my hubby....a weekend in one of my favorite places. Colcord HotelOklahoma TodayFancy Bathroom Love this bed & the guy below playing pool.

Can and CharlyGirl @ Edna's

Only in my home state....

would you light birthday candles like this....