Thursday, February 21, 2008

Liz and Brooke would be proud!

I volunteered to make the favors for a baby shower this weekend. I covered long pretzel sticks with white chocolate and then covered them with pink sprinkles. I tied them up with a gingham, polka-a-dot and baby footprint ribbon and you've got your pretty in pink favor. I say Liz and Brooke would be proud because they are the party throwing guru's. I have a wedding shower to start getting ready for next week and I'm making cupcakes and some other fun stuff. I will definitely show pics.

And yay for Spellcheck being up and running!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

80's bangs? Not Quite!

Here they bangs. The picture is a little scary if I do say so myself and my hair is abnormally shiney. But so far I am really digging my doo.

And here are my beautiful boots. They look much better on my feet then they do in this picture. Ok, I'm off to hibernate for a week and a 1/2 while I study for two tests, write a paper and construct a speech. Yay for going back to school!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Urban Cowgirl with Bangs

*I downloaded pictures, I was trying to fix them and then BAM, they are gone! I hit a wrong button and I had already deleted my pictures from the camera, so.....
I will have pictures of my lovely boots and bangs (sounds kind of sexual) sometime in the future. Just imagine my hair though, it's really cute. Why you say doesn't she just take another picture, because I have already wasted enough time on the computer. This girl needs to study!

This is what my love gave me for Valentines Day. (picture to come) Are they not perfect and beautiful? Most people would think I would be talking about flowers, but no, I’m talking about my new Ariat FatBabies! I’ve wanted these (coveting my momma’s pair) forever. They even have hearts on them. Ahhhhh…… Brady has a thing for getting me stuff with hearts somewhere on the item. It started with my heart tattoo that I got before Brady, but that meant a lot to me for many reasons. So, for our first anniversary he bought me a James Avery heart necklace and earrings because of my tattoo and the whole “we’ve been together a year and I love you” reason. For our 2nd Valentines together he bought me a red leather journal with an embossed heart on the front. My engagement ring has heart prongs (he didn’t know that until it was shipped to him from New Mexico, but still counts.) Christmas last year was my Brighton watch with hearts. Wedding gift was another beautiful James Avery heart necklace. And then my beautiful boots with heart stitching (which, he didn’t notice until after I pointed it out, but still counts.) If you see me roaming the prairies of Kansas, please take a look at the lovely boots.

I also haven’t been truthful with my loyal readers….all four of you. Not that I’m not telling the truth, but just that I haven’t told you at all. I have a new doo and it involves bangs! Like the real thing. Straight across the forehead none of this wimpy to the side crap. Here’s a picture to prove it. (picture to come) And for V Day I wore a red silk ribbon in it, like a headband and I must say, I looked freakin’ adorable. It takes me back to being a little school girl. Ah, the innocence. I’m loving it.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I've kind of been ignoring blogging. God knows, I'm not ignoring looking/lurking at my favorite blogs, I just ignore my perosnal blog. I've had plenty to write about, just not enough energy to do so. And like Liz , I've been wondering what this blog is all about. I started out wanting to blog about all my craftinees glory, but crafting takes time and I don't seem to put any toward my creative side these days. I guess this blog is just going to be me. No explanation, just me.

So what have I been up to lately....

I've been writing notes, reading and taking tests in Biology and Psychology. I took my first test in Biology and did AWFUL! I was ashamed, dissappointed and mad at myself. I didn't prepare nearly enough and guessed on a majority of the questions. I'm now determined to do better.

I have also been battling the flu. It didn't kick me on my butt and put me to bed but it did keep me at home for a couple of days. Now Brady is starting to feel achey. :(

Brady and I also went through a quick phase of wanting to buy a house. We decided that we should just wait until next spring. We are not quite ready to fight the housing beast just yet. Trust me, I will be welcoming much advice on this issue when the time comes.

I was going to write about my dream job becoming a reality someday, but I think that will be a post for this weekend.....I promise. :)

I hope you all had a Very Happy Valentines Day! Full of warm hugs, good chocolate and lots of Red & Pink! I wish I had made these cupcakes, but I didn't. I sure do enjoy looking at them! Have a good V Day.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Obama, Obama!

Warning: I cannot get Blogger to spellcheck for me, so forgive me for my spelling!

If you haven't "gotten into" the Presidential Race, let me tell is exciting. Knowing that you are making a difference, it just feels good. I skipped out on studying (I'm starting that as soon as I'm done with this post though!) and driving through what I would call a blizzard (I'm dramatic though).....I went to my first Democratic Caucus. It was pretty awesome. Here is what happened.....

We gathered into an auditorium at Newman. It only held around 400 people. Within 30 minutes, the Obama side was busting at the seams. They make the decision to send the Obama side to the gym. This process was pretty chaotic. I don't think the volunteers for the democratic party were prepared for the turn out they had. It's not that it was disorganized, just that they were not expecting so many people. I can't imagine what it would have been like if the weather would have cooperated. Once we got in the gym they put us on one side and divided us into groups of 100. This is where it was confusing. I thought, as well as people around me, that Clinton supporters would try to persude us to come to their side and vice versa. This never happened. Somehow during this process, 10 Clinton supporters came over to the "good side" and voted for Obama. They finally counted us, counted us again, and then counted one more time. People were cheering, getting agitated, calling others to find out results from other states and just discussing the entire Presidential Race. That part of it was pretty cool. To see so many people in one place supporting the person who you believe should be our next president, was amazing.

The final results from our district was Obama 510, Clinton 309! If you have kept up with Super Tuesday then you know Obama took Kansas.

I even had to call Daisy to tell her that I wish she could be there to experience it. She would have been proud of this displaced Okie in the Land of OZ.