Tuesday, July 29, 2008

30 is waiting to pounce, right around the corner

Here is a birthday cupcake for my few blog readers. I did not make these, but if I did, I would share with you all. Yummy.

Yeah, I turned 28 today. 28! Thirty is so close. I usually don't freak out unless it is a major milestone. I got really depressed at 25 and I'm sure 30 will be no different. We will see.

So here is to a new year for me. A year full of wonderful surprises...I love surprises. New beginnings for my little family. And as usual, lots of bacon and things that glitter.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Remember writing that in grade school on notes you would pass? I always passed mine to a select few girls. We had our group, pretty much the same group up until high school graduation. I still know where all those girls are these days. I see them at weddings, baby showers and some day I will see them at funerals. That is the extent of us keeping in touch. I also hear about them through my mom. She always ask if I've talked to so and so. Did I hear about what happened to them or what they named their baby....
You see my Mom has kept her same friends since grade school. Of course she has gained friends along the way, but my Mom has pretty much had the same gang of friends since childhood. Most of them live in the same area, but at one point I think they all moved away and then came back. Even so, they kept in touch. Here lately I've seen my Mom and her gang grow even closer. They've been through marriages, divorces, children, jobs and now they are all experiencing illness and even death. Two of my Mom's gang have passed away in the last year. I just found out today that one of the "girls" from the gang has stage four lung cancer and they don't think there is much they can do. This is one of my Mom's BFF's.
It makes me sad. I guess one, it makes me realize my Mom is getting older. She isn't OLD by any means, but she isn't in her 30's either. Also, this is a friend of hers that I always thought was the "cool" one. She lived in Tulsa, the big city. She had a career. She bought fancy groceries. She wore neat clothes. She took me to my first OSU football game, on the front row behind the bench. She was the first person to show me the Internet and how much you could do on it. We ordered take-out when I was in Tulsa at her HUGE house. (As a child it was huge to me.) When I met her she didn't have any kids, so she made me feel extra special. She now has a 16 yr. old daughter. I saw pictures from her prom the other day, she's grown up so fast.
Talking to my Mom tonight we just cried together. I felt so bad for her and her gang of friends. They have been through so much and still they are there for each other. I may not have my grade school friends on speed dial, but I do have a very close group of college friends. I know that we will be like my Mom's gang. No matter what we will be there for each other. They are my girls. I, like my Mom, will go through everything with them, even if it is from a distance. I love you all (you know who you are)....BFF.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Proud of Being a Pen Snob

I'm a fan of Sharpie's. I love the way they write, especially the ones that are ultra-fine tipped. I do not love how they smell and bleed through paper. If it wasn't for this, I would write with them everyday. Well, the Sharpie company heard our (the pen snobs of the world) cries and created a Sharpie Pen!
I searched high and low for some here in Wichita. Ok, not high and low, just at Target and Office Max. The salesperson at Office Max gave me a weird look when I said I had seen the advertisements for the pen but couldn't find it anywhere (a little of a stretch). I also said that I loved Sharpie's and I was really looking forward to using a Sharpie Pen and I hoped they had them. I'm a little weird, this I know. She directed me to the Sharpie stand and a stupid, silly smile came over my face. It was like being a kid in a candy store.
My review of the new Sharpie Pen:
*It's not a fine tipped Sharpie Marker. Don't get me wrong, it is close, but it doesn't give you the dark coloring of a regular one.
*It doesn't smell....good thing.
*And so far, it doesn't bleed through paper.
*I enjoyed the way it flowed, especially with the way I print.
*I do believe I would buy more of this product, but probably only in black and blue. The red and green didn't really do anything for me. :)

Hello, my name is Charly and I'm a pen snob.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Open Range

Just now posting about the 4th of July weekend....I guess I'm still recuperating from not sleeping in my own bed or actually not sleeping at all. Brady's family and my family went to stay in a "Lodge"(old farm house) in Alva, OK. We went fishing, 4-wheelin', and just sat around relaxing. I also got covered in mud, dirt and mystery bites. All in all it was a great time. Being able to be outside, not worrying about work and spending time with my loved ones was the best. Thank goodness our families get along....it's a good thing.
Wide Open Spaces, you could see for miles.

The great fishermen of the weekend. My niece and nephew had a blast. My Dad seemed to have fun just watching the kids fish and helping them out every once in awhile.
My Husband. He caught the biggest fish of the weekend. I was a close second, but of course I didn't get a picture to prove it. Seriously though, I caught a fish with a piece of bacon. Even fish crave bacon every once in awhile.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hair of Many Colors

Changing my hair color or hair style makes me feel better. I've never been one to be upset over a bad haircut....it always grows back. I went today and told her I wanted something fun and colorful. I think she got it right. It looks even better in the sun, it is RED! I'm lovin' it.

I guess I'll update on how bootcamp is going. Well, I guess you can tell I actually didn't die after my first post about it. I have yet to miss a session. I'm quite proud of myself. Of course I've whined throughout it, but it's getting easier and easier as the weeks pass by. The running (fast walking)still hasn't gotten easier, but I think eventually it will. The shin splints are killing me. Wendy, my friend that is doing this adventure with me, and I are going to sign up for the next six week session once this one is over next week. As far as the results go, I haven't lost A LOT of weight. I've toned up and gained muscle. I'm going to try hard to follow the diet they have lined out for participants on this next go around. Time will tell. Regardless of losing the pounds, I feel better, I feel healthier.

So here is to my new doo and my healthier body. Everyone have a fun and safe 4th of July!!!