Friday, December 28, 2007

"Mommy, are we crashing?"

Yeah, I heard a kid say this to his mom. Made me feel real good!
So we made it to NYC (I will blog on the trip itself later) safely and back home safely. I just want to share a few things I learned about airports and flying.
*The small jumper planes (the ones that flew us from Wichita/Chicago and St.Louis/Wichita) suck! I mean I hate them! I felt like I was in a cracker box.
*If a blizzard is to hit where you live, it will do so the day you plan to fly.
*The women/men (we only dealt with women) at the front desks of airlines are very willing to help. They made sure Brady and I sat together (I often used the, "this is my first time to fly" worked.) and they also accommodated us on many switch-a-roos due to the weather.
*Taking off...not so bad. Landing....not so good.
*Mentally going over Jessica's list of advice really helped me. I smiled every time I saw a child get on our flight.
*Having someone you love and someone that cares about you there to hold your hand and let you squeeze it really hard is wonderful. I couldn't have done it without Brady.
*I don't think I could fly alone.
*Listening to Children sing their ABC's and make donkey noises let's me know it's not all bad.
*Seeing the mountains of clouds or flying over the Statue of Liberty is kinda, I said kinda, worth it.
*Losing luggage (Brady's not mine) makes for a crabby mood. FYI: Pack extra clothes in carry-on.
*Eating a giant cookie and drinking ginger ale do not mix well with a nervous stomach and turbulence.
*Thinking of every 9/11 movie made and going over the different scenes in your mind, not a good idea.
*If you are flying for the first time they will pick you for extra security checks! It was probably the nervous vibes I was giving off. :)
*Just for the record: I only had one panic attack where I thought we were crashing. I started crying and dug my head into Brady's chest. I walked of the plane with red eyes and Brady with black mascara all over his white shirt he had to wear for two days.
*All in all, it got us to where we were going, but I can't say I fell in love with flying. Give me a road trip any day! NYC stories and pictures to come!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

1st night of our honeymoon

We spent the first night of our honeymoon at a Texas Roadhouse near the Wichita airport. Why? You ask.....a freakin' blizzard. That's what!
Of all days for a white out blizzard to hit Wichita. All of the flights in and out of Wichita were cancelled. The lady (Thank You American Airlines lady! Brady called her a saint.) at the AA desk found us a flight at 6am from here to Chicago and then on to NYC. There were so few flights with seats left....thank goodness she found us one.
All Brady and I could do was laugh all day. I was laughing so hard on the way back to the apartment that I almost fell into a 3 foot high snow bank.
We will definitely look back on this day with laughter. Oh, what fun!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas in New York City

Well, we are off tomorrow for our honeymoon in NYC. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Everyone have safe travels and good times with their families. I'll see you in 2008 with lots of pictures and I'm sure lots of stories.
Much Love!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I cried the day my doggies left me

Brady took the pups to their grandma and aunt's house today. My mom and sister are watching Dixie and Okie while we are in NYC. Last night I cuddled with them a little bit more. I played with the a little bit more. And I gave them a chewie. I know they are just my puppies, but I seriously treat them like my children. I cried this morning when I left them. (Like I've said before, I'm very emotional.)
My sister called me from the "drop off point" and said they wouldn't stop whining....then she starting crying. Oh we are a sad, sad family.
I've already called tonight to check on them. Mom has Dixie and my sister has Okie. I figured it would be better for my family if they each only had one doxie to deal with. Well....Casey (my sis) said Okie has been moping around all night. She won't go outside, she won't play with my sister's dog and she just looks sad. She misses her sister. I told Casey to take her to Mom's tomorrow so they will be together.
My poor pups. I miss them. Sad? Pathetic? I don't care.
Can you imagine how I will be when I have kids? Scary to think about.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Babies and Terrorist

Thanks to everyone for the words of wisdom. I'm sure I'll do fine on Saturday. I'll just be happy to actually be in NYC and enjoying my honeymoon. My friend Jessica wrote an entire post about my first time flying and gave me GREAT advice.Everyone should read it.....

Monday, December 17, 2007

Panic attack waiting to happen...

Hello. My name is Charly and I've never been on a plane....EVER!
Ya'll need to watch the nightly news on December 22nd. This is what you might hear and see.....

Dec. 22-Any Major News Network,
"A young (hee, hee!) newlywed on her way to NYC with her husband for their honeymoon, went a little crazy while in transit from Kansas to New York City." More on this story from our reporter, Bertha Lou.
"It was her first time to fly and she thought she could handle it without the help of liquor, drugs or being knocked out, but she was wrong.
Airline Stewardess #1 recalls seeing this woman sweating bullets. "She was all pale and she looked really sick. She kept telling people this was her first time to fly. I was worried about her, so I offered a little bottle of vodka and a barf bag. I thought it would help!"
Her husband thought she would be fine, but then they came over the intercom saying there was turbulence. "She just freaked, saying she was going to die and something about us not growing old together and children playing in the backyard. I really wanted to slap some sense into her but I resisted."
After much disturbance and the young lady scaring all the children and some grown men on the plane, the pilot decided the best thing would be to finish the flight to Dallas (our layover on the way to NYC???Why Dallas? That's South and we are going North!) and not allow the lady to finish the flight to NYC.
The young lady's response, "Oh thank God I don't have to get back on that flying death trap. I've always wanted to honeymoon in Dallas, who need NYC when you have Dallas!" She has now been banned from flying on any airline for the next 80 years.
On a side note: her husband left her butt behind in Texas and enjoyed his honeymoon in NYC.

So....can you tell I'm very anxious about this flying bit. I have faith in myself that I will set my brain to a mode of peace by Saturday, but hmmm...turbulence, delays, de-icing. I'll freak! Hell, I get nervous seeing airplanes fly above my apartment.
I'm seeking out advice from some seasoned travelers (Jessica) or actually any advice will be much appreciated. Help this poor flat lander who does not want to be airborne.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Devious Dixie

Here is another weenie story for you.....Enjoy!
I heard Dixie (who I thought was Okie) wake up about 1:30 am this morning. I just thought she was roaming around because occasionally they will check out the apartment in the wee hours of the morning. Then I hear Brady get up. I walk into the kitchen and Brady is standing there looking at Dixie. I say, "What's going on?" He says,"I walked into the kitchen and Dixie was opening the cabinets with her nose, she just looked at me and wagged her tail." I guess she wanted to make an omelet or some toast. Who knows with that little wiener?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Winter Wonderland?

So far, Wichita has been somewhat passed over by the ICE STORM 2007. But my family and friends in Oklahoma were not spared. Mom said she has been hearing our big sycamore tree by the creek cracking and breaking. Scary! It is currently raining outside and I'm sure it's going to freeze later. I don't want our electricity to go out or people to have problems driving....but I don't want to go to work tomorrow either. I just want to crash at home, watch some TV and sew, sew, sew. I'll stay updated by watching the ticker at the bottom of the TV. All you Okies be careful out there, it's kinda ugly.

When I came home tonight I had a wonderful package in the mail from Daisy. I hinted at a sock monkey for Christmas and she made my wish come true. It is an adorable sock money with a Santa suit, beard and hat. It's Great! Thanks Daisy, you made my day!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

This is what I deal with.....

Do you notice that those are my legs wrapped around Okie and Dixie? When I craft (or whatever you call it) I cram myself between the couch and the coffee table. We don't have a dining table or a dining room for that matter. I sprawl all my stuff out and throw a blanket over my legs, to keep cozy. But guess who always migrates over to me and sneaks under the blanket? They nap, lick themselves or each other until I decide it's time to get up. They can be annoying, but they sure cute!
These are my final round of little stuffed monsters. I'm not for sure if you would consider them a monster, but I think they are pretty cute. I especially like the purple one. I hope the kiddos like them.
One more thing before I go. I've found another blog that is really amazing. This girl does everything. I really admire her crafting, baking, adventures and just about everything else....and she loves margaritas! Check out African Kelli.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

All I want for Christmas is....

Every Christmas I remember writing out my list for my mom. I would grab the Wish Book and circle anything and everything I wanted. I never wanted clothes or anything practical. Unless everyone else was getting it of course.My mom doesn't ask for a list anymore and I don't offer one. I really don't need anything, but just in case Santa is is my wish list. I promise I've been good. :)

*I want to learn to sew. I took Home Ec. for three years in high school and I know the basics. But now I want a Sewing machine and maybe I need some more sewing lessons to go along with it.
*They have a sock monkey at Target and I want one. Don't ask why, I've just always wanted a sock monkey.
*I'm a magazine junkie, so instead of buying them at the store every time, I want subscriptions to Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, Rachael Ray, Domino, and Oklahoma Today (my intern subscription is running out!)
*An United States Atlas (small one). I need to plan my trip around around the states, may as well start now.
*New Perfume. I need a signature scent, someone stole mine. :)
*Green Tennis Shoes. I'm going to be walking a lot in NYC.
*Polaroid Camera. I've always wanted one. I think the prints are charming and old school.
*Who couldn't use an itunes gift card?
*Entire color set of fine tipped Sharpies. I love the way they write.
*A laptop, I miss the days of college when I had access to a Mac.
*And of course Peace on Earth!