Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Momma Mia

The other night as I was trying to put Case down to sleep at 2am, it finally hit me. I'm his mom. I'm a mother. Oh my god, I gave birth and I am now responsible for a human life. This might have taken me some time to come to this realization, but with being sick after giving birth, I didn't seem quite adequate in the mommy department. But for some reason as I was holding Case in the quiet of the basement, I looked at him and figured out that I am his life and he is mine. That I will always be there to pick him up when he cries, hold his hand when he is scared or give him a smile when he is having a bad day AND I truly believe he will do the same for me.
The other day, I put on Facebook that I wanted to find my mommy groove. Well, I think I'm finally getting it....I'm finally figuring out that I'm a Mommy and for now that is all that matters.

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Andrea said...

It only gets better, I promise! I loved that moment when I felt like I was finally getting it. You have so much joy ahead of you--savor every moment! He is just precious. So happy for you!