Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birthday Month!

It's finally here, my birthday month. This is a BIG birthday....I'm turning 30!!!!!!!! I thought I would be "Poor me, I'm old and 30, my life is over," but I'm not! I'm excited, I'm elated, let's party. So, pretty much this entire month I'm going to blog about 30....30 everything! To begin with,
30 Things I Want for My 30th Birthday
  • bling-bling cell phone cover
  • blender:something to make smoothies
  • 1 year YMCA membership
  • flowers/plants for front porch and someone to water them
  • cupcakes from Sugar Sisters
    curtains for entire house....I HATE not having curtains
  • black photo albums from Target
  • new wardrobe to fit my new size....still a work in progress
  • iBook with Photoshop and Illustrater
  • fancy hair products
  • new fun makeup
  • yellow and gray fingernail polish
  • style and grace
  • visit from old friends
  • for my baby belly to melt away
  • actual machine or hot Italian guy to wash them by hand would work as well, Brady wouldn't mind
  • time to son is growing up too fast!
  • a romantic date night with my hubby....we don't see each other enough
  • cake decorating class
  • decorations for our house
  • slumber party with all my besties
  • a vacation to a far away place with my little family
  • blue purse
  • ruby red slippers, driving 3 hours to see my family is not much fun
  • ipod with all the "cool" songs already downloaded on it. I'm not very good with the whole music thing...
  • unlimited access to magazines of all sorts
  • relax wine
  • bacon with fresh tomatoes
  • I want my 30th year to be full of fun, creativity, patience, family, friends, grace, confidence, dreaming, lots of love and everything that is good. 30 is going to ROCK!


Casey said...

I came across our blog, by hitting th next @ the top. :) its funny to read your posts and see how much alike we are :) i hope your 30th year is going great!!! Better then mine. It was horrible!! Your son is adorable! Have a great day!

Shar said...

Hey new here...happy birthday. I wished I made a list for my 40th


I think every girl need a a blinged out cell phone cover. I hope you get everything in your wish list

Don't Take My Advice said...

I was nervous about turning 30, but I had a huge party and felt like I was 21 again. Loved your list of wants....hope you got it all!