Sunday, May 11, 2008

Giving Thanks and Saying Prayers

First of all, I want to say Happy Mother's Day...even though it is late in the day. I don't think my mom has read my blog (I'll send her a link tomorrow) but I wanted to send her a BIG HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! And to the best mother-in-law EVER as well. You see, I'm always thankful for my momma Carol, but after this weekend I'm thanking God that my mom and other family members are OK.

My Mom, Sister and MIL were in the path of the tornado that hit NE Oklahoma and SW Missouri yesterday. Thankfully they lingered a little longer at Sutherlands and did not drive in the direct path of the twister. They would have traveled a road where the tornado hit that we travel on many occasions to go to Joplin, but again....they lingered. Thank God for mom's who like to shop.

I also want to send a prayer request out for all of the victims of the tornado. I've lived in this area (Tornado Alley) my entire life. I've been around to see the damage of some of the worse ones (May 3rd-OKC and Greensburg, KS), but this one literally hit home. I know the area, I know the people, sadly enough, I knew one of the victims. So, while you are saying your prayers tonight, say one for all the folks in Picher, OK and SW Missouri. They will need them.

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