Monday, May 19, 2008

Love-Hate Relationship

It's know, that season that is between the flower season and the cool crisp air season. Some call it Summer, I sometimes like to call it hell. Today was warm here in Kansas, but I know not to complain because in no time, summer will be here.

Summer has it's downfalls....
*the #1 complaint, the awful Midwest heat! I'm not a fan of heat. I could just live in the air conditioning if my life would allow it.
*mosquito's at night. They lurk waiting to make your body a tic tack toe game.
*the snakes. You want to go to the creek or the pond, but you can't....the big bad snakes live there.
*sticky, hot car seats.
*And the HEAT!

Summer also has always been an adventure, a time to let go and be fancy free.
*When you were little, summer was all you lived for. The freedom!
*Popsicles, snow cones, corn on the cob, fish fries, fresh strawberries, bacon, mayo and tomato sandwiches. That is just a few of my favorite summer foods.
*Eating outside at night....with bug spray of course.
*Ice cold corona on a hot summer day.
*Sundresses, capris and Old Navy flip flops.
*Road trips, summer vacations and trips to the farmers market.
*And my favorite summer birthday.

So summer has it's ups and downs. I'm always ready for it to be over, but ask me in January while I'm snuggled up inside during one of our blizzards....I'll tell you that I can't wait until Summertime.

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Elizabeth said...

And watermelon. My summer fave.