Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Santa...My Husband

Brady and I have this thing where we can NEVER wait until Christmas to give each other our presents. We end up buying something for each other that we are so excited about and open it right when we buy it. It's a bad habit. Hopefully when the kid gets big enough we will actually wait until Christmas to let him open presents.....but I might let him sneak one early.
So...my husband is the best, just so ya'll know. You see, I bought him a TV for a Graduation/Christmas/Birthday/Valentines present. I gave it to him back in October! Crazy stuff. Brady on the other hand waited until today when my present came in the mail to give me mine. At least he waited until December. Ok, back to him being awesome. The day we found out we were having a boy and had settled on a name...he ordered from my FAVORITE jewelry store. He did good.

I also want to add that not only is he a great gift giver and spoils me with my love of trinkets. He also has been a wonderful husband to my hormonal self. He has pampered me, comforted me, held me why I cry for no reason and rubs my belly while talking to his little boy. I don't know if he reads this blog or not, but if he does....I love you and thank you for all you do!


not so zen momma said...

So sweet. Case is lucky to have such great parents.

African Kelli said...

Okay, that is a really, really sweet and thoughtful gift! Good work Brady!