Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Love Day

Brady and I have had a really stressful and overwhelming week. It all seemed to come to a boiling point on Friday night where we took it out on pickles and each other....long story, not going there. But by the end of the night he leaned over to kiss me goodnight and tell me that tomorrow will be better....and it was.
I LOVE Valentines Day. I know some despise it for all different reasons, but I've always been a sucker for love. It also represents a very special day to me personally. I changed the way I saw life six years ago on Valentines Day. It changed who I was and it helped me pave a way of independence I never knew possible. Anyways....I love this day. And yesterday was no exception.
We slept late, I watched two episodes of Sex and the City, we ate lunch at a mom and pop cafe in Riverside (we somehow were in charge of the music selection for the entire cafe because we just happened to sit at the table with the ol'fashioned table jukebox....too much pressure.) and then Brady took me somewhere I had been dying to go.
See the picture up above...that's where we went. I'm a sucker for a cupcake or cookie. Especially ones that are cute and come in a pretty package. Well, this little bakery did not disappoint. I ate a yummy Celestial Chocolate (that was it's name) cupcake. The icing was heavenly. With the way the economy is and since I'm prego....a cupcake for an afternoon treat and a iced sugar cookie for later in the night....those were the way to my heart yesterday, not flowers.
It was a wonderful day with just the two of us enjoying each other, doing what we like to do...being together with no expectations.
I love those kind of days, especially when they fall on my love day.

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Elizabeth said...

I agree. Flowers are overrated. Sugar is where it's at!