Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ready or Not Here He Comes

I go to the hospital tomorrow to be induced. I will be one week over my due date on Monday. The OB said it would be better to induce then having him get bigger and then the higher chance of c-section.
So...we put our bags (that have been packed for over two weeks) into the truck, we pet the dogs goodbye (their lives are about to change as well) and we head to the hospital like it is just another appointment. Ok, I'm kind of starting to freak out. I'm going to the hospital to have a BABY! I know, I've had nine months to prepare, but when they give you a this is when we are doing it date, it just makes it so real. AND it will be real in no time. My life will change forever and I welcome that change. I think I'm just a little anxious, stressed, nervous, scared and excited out of my mind....all at the same time. Within a day, most likely two, I will be holding my child. The child I created with Brady. It's freaking amazing...
So next time I blog, you will probably see tons of pictures of little Case.
Wish us luck, send us good karma, give us pleasant thoughts, and please say a little prayer.
Momma Charly

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African Kelli said...

sending you lots of prayers and luck! I'm guessing the sweet baby is here by now. Congrats!!