Monday, March 22, 2010

Sick of Being Sick

Week before I was to start back to work, Brady got the stomach bug. We thought it was just bad fish from Long John's, but was the stomach bug. It took a few days and then I got the bug. I thought it was the margarita's I had the night before, but tequila does not do THAT to my tummy. Tequila is much nicer. Thank god Case never was sick. Case had never been sick in his whole 10 months.

Ha....we spoke to soon! Two weeks pass and Case wakes up with a cough and a fever one morning. AND it doesn't go away. I can now write down in his baby book that he was sick. Sick he was....RSV for a good seven days and we find out today that he has an ear infection! Oh yeah, Brady and I have the respiratory virus as well. Oh the joy!

We shipped the boy off to Oklahoma now for the second time so that we can get better and so we don't "infect" him again. It has not been a fun few weeks. I've said this before, I'm a girl of routine. My routine hadn't even gotten routine and it gets tipped upside down, sideways and turned in circles. mean that's what parenthood is like? Yeah, I kind of knew that, but I still enjoy my routine every once in awhile.

Here is a picture of Case before the bug bit him.....

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