Friday, March 19, 2010

Turning Circles

Life is funny. We turn circles sometimes and it lands us right where we thought we didn't want to be. But in the end, it puts us in the place we need to be. Reader's Digest version....We moved back to Oklahoma, my hometown. We worked, we played, we lived with my parents, we loved, we fought, we grew. Opportunities came about and brought us back to where we just left off 7 months before. It's been a journey but something I needed.
I haven't wrote on this blog since August 1st of last year. Not only have we moved away and moved back but we have grew and lost. Case has grew to a healthy 25lbs and god only knows how tall he is. (I often forget numbers, so I never know how tall or how much my son weighs, this is by no means a sign of a bad momma.) He is growing like a weed. Already walking and walking and sometimes running! We have recently experienced RSV and that has not been fun. I love this little man more then I could've ever imagined. He is a BIG part of making my world go round.
I on the other hand have not grown in that sense, but I have lost. So far on Weight Watchers, I have lost 25lbs. I started October 13th and so far, so good. I wish it was more, but I will take it. I have been struggling since we moved back, but I don't have my "routine" down yet. I will get there. It is a journey I DO NOT WANT TO QUIT! I hope to hit a big goal of mine on my 30th birthday in July. I will keep you posted.
Another new thing I am trying is posting my link to this blog on Facebook. Before only a few people knew about my little blog. I am now making it accessible to everyone. Now whether they look at it is a different story.
So much has happened since August that I don't want to bore everyone or just that one person reading this. Let's just say Life Happened. I am ready for this new chapter in our lives and I pray that it is a wonderful, adventurous, grown-up, spirited, silly, loving journey.
Keep in touch, who wouldn't want to know about my favorite flavor of cupcake or crazy craft project I'm creating or words my son spoke. It will be fun....I promise.

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not so zen momma said...

All I know is that I better get an invite to your birthday party. Road trip!