Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getting Back on the Wagon

I fell and I fell hard. Actually, I did fall out of the desk chair here at home, but that is just due to my clumsiness, not my Weight Watcher journey. Ok, back to the wagon. When I get busy, when I get stressed I eat! Even when I am sick, unless REALLY SICK, I eat like it is going out of style. So these past two weeks and then some days before that, I have been eating. Yes, eating is a good thing to stay alive and all, but I have been overeating, not tracking my points and just running amuck with food. I'm very good at excuses to eat. I had a good hair I saw a baby My son had his first birthday This is one of the last night's I'm "splurging" (this was last night). You get the picture.

Today I weigh in. Today I see that magic number that is going to shock me into getting back on the program. Tracking, counting points, exercising. This works for me. I have Victoria Secret underoos that I couldn't wear before October to prove that this works for me.

Here is my challenge to myself and for any others that care. I WILL post everyday for a week (to start off with) my food intake for the day. I will start tomorrow, after weigh-in. I feel like this will keep me honest, it will hold me accountable and maybe just maybe help in my effort to climb back on the wagon.

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