Thursday, February 14, 2008


I've kind of been ignoring blogging. God knows, I'm not ignoring looking/lurking at my favorite blogs, I just ignore my perosnal blog. I've had plenty to write about, just not enough energy to do so. And like Liz , I've been wondering what this blog is all about. I started out wanting to blog about all my craftinees glory, but crafting takes time and I don't seem to put any toward my creative side these days. I guess this blog is just going to be me. No explanation, just me.

So what have I been up to lately....

I've been writing notes, reading and taking tests in Biology and Psychology. I took my first test in Biology and did AWFUL! I was ashamed, dissappointed and mad at myself. I didn't prepare nearly enough and guessed on a majority of the questions. I'm now determined to do better.

I have also been battling the flu. It didn't kick me on my butt and put me to bed but it did keep me at home for a couple of days. Now Brady is starting to feel achey. :(

Brady and I also went through a quick phase of wanting to buy a house. We decided that we should just wait until next spring. We are not quite ready to fight the housing beast just yet. Trust me, I will be welcoming much advice on this issue when the time comes.

I was going to write about my dream job becoming a reality someday, but I think that will be a post for this weekend.....I promise. :)

I hope you all had a Very Happy Valentines Day! Full of warm hugs, good chocolate and lots of Red & Pink! I wish I had made these cupcakes, but I didn't. I sure do enjoy looking at them! Have a good V Day.


Daisy said...

Here's my advice on buying a house: DON'T DO IT UNTIL YOU'RE SOMEWHERE THAT YOU ARE SURE YOU'RE GOING TO BE FOR A LOOOOOOOOONG TIME! We got lucky that our house sold. It is so much stress and so much hassle. I don't plan on buying again for another 10 years or so--until we are totally stable. Oh yeah, and more advice: Don't buy in Wichita because you can't stay there--we want you HOME in Oklahoma!!!

But aside from that, sorry to hear about your test, but you'll do better next time. Part of going back to school is getting in the groove again and finding the right stride. You've just started, and you're going to be fine!

Also, don't worry about not blogging. We all go through phases. Write when you're moved to and don't worry about filling up your blog just for the sake of filling up your blog. All us loyal readers will be here whenever you do have time to blog!

Elizabeth said...

I was going to say the same thing, but Daisy beat me to it. Whatever you do, don't buy in Wichita!!!

not so zen momma said...

Van loves his craft from you! I'll take a picture of him with it and email it to you. Perhaps it will help provide some inspiration?

Charly said...

You both are right, we will not being staying forever in the Land of Oz, but at least for 5-6 years. I don't even want to think about the house buying crap until we get to that point. One weekend of it and we were both stressed out!