Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Urban Cowgirl with Bangs

*I downloaded pictures, I was trying to fix them and then BAM, they are gone! I hit a wrong button and I had already deleted my pictures from the camera, so.....
I will have pictures of my lovely boots and bangs (sounds kind of sexual) sometime in the future. Just imagine my hair though, it's really cute. Why you say doesn't she just take another picture, because I have already wasted enough time on the computer. This girl needs to study!

This is what my love gave me for Valentines Day. (picture to come) Are they not perfect and beautiful? Most people would think I would be talking about flowers, but no, I’m talking about my new Ariat FatBabies! I’ve wanted these (coveting my momma’s pair) forever. They even have hearts on them. Ahhhhh…… Brady has a thing for getting me stuff with hearts somewhere on the item. It started with my heart tattoo that I got before Brady, but that meant a lot to me for many reasons. So, for our first anniversary he bought me a James Avery heart necklace and earrings because of my tattoo and the whole “we’ve been together a year and I love you” reason. For our 2nd Valentines together he bought me a red leather journal with an embossed heart on the front. My engagement ring has heart prongs (he didn’t know that until it was shipped to him from New Mexico, but still counts.) Christmas last year was my Brighton watch with hearts. Wedding gift was another beautiful James Avery heart necklace. And then my beautiful boots with heart stitching (which, he didn’t notice until after I pointed it out, but still counts.) If you see me roaming the prairies of Kansas, please take a look at the lovely boots.

I also haven’t been truthful with my loyal readers….all four of you. Not that I’m not telling the truth, but just that I haven’t told you at all. I have a new doo and it involves bangs! Like the real thing. Straight across the forehead none of this wimpy to the side crap. Here’s a picture to prove it. (picture to come) And for V Day I wore a red silk ribbon in it, like a headband and I must say, I looked freakin’ adorable. It takes me back to being a little school girl. Ah, the innocence. I’m loving it.

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