Tuesday, November 11, 2008

From Phoenix

I have a friend in Phoenix. I met her through her blog. Her name is Kelli and I think she is just down right cool. I know, I know....I sound like a 3rd grader talking about their pen pal from summer camp. I guess you could call Kelli my blog pal.
Anyways...she tagged me and I'm running with it. Here are the rules:

* Link to the person who tagged you.* Post the rules on your blog.* Write 6 random things about yourself.* Tag anyone on your blog that you actually know personally and not the ones that you just stalk their blog. (I made that one up.) *Let each person know he/she has been tagged.* Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

1. I have a small, unrealistic obsession with Tiffany's jewelry. Since I knew what Tiffany's was I always said I would own a pair of diamond earrings from that beautiful, glittery store. So, I'm not there yet, but I do have a "Return to Tiffany's" bracelet. AND I wear it EVERYDAY.

2. I was the Wyandotte Bear Mascot. I wore a big ol' bear head and fuzzy/hairy body suit. I loved it because people couldn't see me, but I could act as crazy as a....high school girl in a bear suit.

3. I would LOVE to live in the country. LOVE. I often dream about it and imagine what my little homestead would look like. Hopefully someday....

4. I use this (....) way too much.

5. I'm not scared of childbirth, bring it on. I'm scared of the other stuff....finding childcare, finding a pediatrician, figuring out insurance, etc. That stuff freaks me out and I feel so ill prepared.

6. If people would let me, I would stare into space for hours thinking, pondering and dreaming. I tend to do it a lot, but Brady always asks me if I'm ok and I pop out of it. Weird? Nah.

Tag you're it....
*Jessica, even though I think she recently did one of these.


Jessica said...

Thanks for the tag! I'll see if I can come up with any more random things! I also use (...) waaaaay too much!

Daisy said...

If you only have one imaginary friend (that's what I call all my online friends), then you need to get crackin'! Haha!

And you SHOULD be afraid of childbirth! That's the main reason I will never have another. The stuff you mentioned is easy. Vagina-shredding is not... Oh, and btw, (...) is called an ellipsis, and I use it too much, too.

I promise I'll get around to this challenge... someday?

African Kelli said...

I have one of those heart bracelets from Tiffany's that I never wear and would send you in a heartbeat. Email me your address.

And the love goes both ways, my friend.