Monday, November 17, 2008

Pregnancy 101

Here is a little update on the pregnancy....
*We find out next Tuesday if it is a boy or girl! My guess is boy, but of course I have a 50/50 shot here.
*The reason I believe it is a boy....I've watched more Big 12 football then any other time in my life AND I enjoy it AND I know what is somewhat going on AND I look forward to looking at the BCS rankings on Sunday! Totally not me.
*I haven't gained or lost any weight. I'm where I was at when I found out I was pregnant. I have a feeling that is all about to change...bring on the cravings!
*First weird craving, bologna/onion/mayo sandwich. I didn't eat it but it sure sounded wonderful in my mind.
*I may not have gained any weight yet but my stomach and butt are expanding at a fast pace.
*I cry now more then ever.
*Brady is being the best husband and daddy to be. He really caters to me.
*The only book I've read is "What to Expect When You are Expecting." Any other suggestions?
*I can't wait until we can go shopping for all of the stuff! I can wait to pay the bill for all of the stuff.
*I'm worried about how my dogs will handle having a baby around. Advice?

Ok, I think that is enough for now. Just wanted to share my pregnancy ramblings.


Daisy said...

I've been feeling like you're having a boy, too, though I don't know why. And I'll take you up on that bologna sandwich, only add lettuce and cheese to mine! And you know me, I suggest you read nothing else because I think 99% of all pregnancy books are bunk. Take time to read the novels you've been wanting to pick up for a while, because once the bambino is here, you won't have the time. Why waste your good reading hours on boring and paranoid pregnancy books?!

Finally, if your dogs are anything like my animals were, they will just tolerate the new baby. Sarah pretty much ignored Em's existence for the first year of her life (you know, when she became mobile!). The cats were more interested in the baby toys and stuff than they were her. Just remember not to leave the baby in the floor when your dogs are around--those fatties could suffocate it!

not so zen momma said...

The only book I read was "The Happiest Baby on the Block," because Louisa said I HAD to read it. She was adamant.

Maggie had an understanding of what was to come. When Derek brought home one of Van's hats from the hospital, she smelled it and walked to the nursery. She was saying, bring it on! They are best friends. The cats? Totally indifferent. Still are...

I've predicted a boy from day one!

Elizabeth said...

Bologna must be a pregnancy thing. The only things I've actually craved continuously have been the cold cut combo sandwich at Subway (all bologna based meat) and lime diet cokes from Sonic. Neither of which I EVER ate or drank before.

I'm reading the Happiest Baby on the Block right now and I suggest you get Baby Bargains. It will answer A LOT of questions about what to buy for the nursery, what brands are best, what to register for etc. It really helped Nathan and I.

My official guess is Boy too. Anna's gonna have lots of choices... ;)

Jessica said...

I second "Happiest Baby on the Block" and "Baby Bargains". Especially since you have the time to really absorb Baby Bargains. Liz made some very great decisions based on that book. I, however, threw my thoughts together and just registered. Who knows what kind of deals I didn't get!

I also REALLY like "Baby 411". It's by the same authors as Baby Bargains. It's matter-of-fact, easy-to-read. I liked it so much better than the old-school "What to Expect the First Year".

My two cents. So excited for you! Go BOYS!