Friday, January 9, 2009

Burn Baby Burn

Curious Person: "Charly, what did you do on Christmas break in Wyandotte?"

Charly: "Well, I decided to become a pyromaniac."

Curious Person: "Oh....really??? Tell me about it."

Charly: "Ok!"

I was without a vehicle in Wyandotte because my mom and sis came to pick me up and drive me home (NE OK). They think because of my "condition" that I can't drive. Fine with me, I like being chauffeured across the state. Anyways, so on one day of being home I had some errands to run in, store, lunch with high school friend. I was on the go all day, stop and go. I finally picked up my niece and decided to take her with me to the bank because I felt like I needed company. We went to the bank. I stopped the truck. Then we noticed smoke coming from the right passenger side of my mom's truck! I told Sarah to get out and then she informed me that my mom's truck was on FIRE! Yes, on fire! The brakes had caught fire because they were too tight and I had caused so much friction by stopping and going all day that they thought they should catch fire. Insane! Insane! So imagine a pregnant woman and 13 year old running into the bank screaming that my mom's truck is on fire. They just stared at me. Finally a hero emerged and grabbed the fire extinguisher and put out the fire. It didn't really do much damage other then burning up the brakes. The guy who put them on replaced them, but still....the freakin' truck was on fire. I can only imagine if we would've been on a country road near a field of dry grass. No more truck for Momma Carol or field of dry grass for Farmer Joe.

That isn't the only fire during my break....two days later....we had my nephew burn trash at my parents house. Yes, in the country we burn our trash. It's just what we do. So, he put it in a big ol' barrel and away it went. We were in the house playing games when we heard a kaboom! It was a can that had blown up. We ignored it....30 minutes later my mom looks outside and the backyard is on fire. Guess what it melted? The freakin' water hose. Momma in her housecoat, sister running around frantic and prego here in socks trying to put out a fire. Dixie even got involved by running outside and jumping through the flames. She likes fire.
So family has never had very good luck with fire. Our house burned back when I was in college and most of my aunts and uncles have been through a house or barn fire at sometime in my life. We just don't mix well with flames. I think next Christmas I will buy my parents a fire extinguisher.

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Daisy said...

Am I allowed to be scared for you but then laugh my butt off? I think a fire extinguisher is a GREAT idea!