Thursday, January 8, 2009

Letting Go of Christmas

I seem to be hanging on to Christmas a little too long. I still have all my decorations up, maybe because I was gone the entire break (thank heavens for working for a university) and didn't get home until Sunday night. I've promised myself that it will all be gone by the weekend. I also haven't posted about our great Christmas. So here we go....We were able to see a lot of relatives in Blackwell and cuddle with the little ones. Then I headed to Wyandotte and spent the week of News Year at my parents. Brady headed down last weekend to NE Oklahoma and we then had our last Christmas TWO days after New Year's! It was nice to be with family so much, but it threw me off not having much time at "home". Here are some pictures from our holiday....
Aunt Charly is a wonderful aunt. She brings whip cream and sprinkles that are meant for hot chocolate, but end up in the little ones mouths. I like to pump them full of sugar and send them home with their mom.
The girls opening presents on Christmas morning. I loved seeing their expressions.
4C Ranch Christmas Tree
Hours of playing Kismet. I wasn't too good at it, but it was fun rolling the dice with all of the family. My Dad even got involved.
Our version of Christmas dinner (a few days late)....all you can eat crab legs. I think Brady would've eaten his weight in crab legs. It's too much work for me.
Mama Carol and Papa Charley: I think the world of these two people. They are the best.
The rest of the gang. Sarah and Guy are getting so big.
These are the silhouettes I made of the kids for Casey and Joey. I learned how to do it from Nie Nie's Blog (I love this blog). Casey loved them!
No this isn't a ninja, it's my Dad modeling his Under Armor gear. He swears by this clothing line to keep you warm (he works outside at night).

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