Monday, January 7, 2008

Back to School Fun

There it is folks, my first school books since graduating with my undergrad degree. Psychology does not scare me as much as Human Biology. You should see some of the pictures in that book. GROSS! I'm not good with stuff like that. We will see starting next week. The Psych class is from 6-10 at night on a MONDAY. It's not like I have a social life after I get home from work, but I really like my nights at home with my little family. It's just one night, I need to stop whining. I also had to get new, clean, fresh notebooks and pens. I wanted a new bag, but Brady said I already had too many bags. I really don't he just thinks that. ;) So, I'm going to make my own bag with my very own, new sewing machine. Momma and Papa's Christmas present to me. I'll show you the results of this first sewing adventure here in a few days.
Now this picture is long overdue. This is the Sock Monkey that my good friend Daisy sent me during Christmas. (It's just a gift not a Christmas present. hee! hee!) It is actually in the nude right now because when she sent it to me it had on an adorable Santa outfit. I think he looks pretty good up on my baker's rack. I need to name him, any thoughts?
The little cups around him I found on sale at Target. They would be so easy to make if you needed a party favor. They are just made out of dixie cups, paper mache and some ribbon. I think I'll put little chocolates in them for Easter. The niece and nephew will like them.
Ok, it's off to the couch to enjoy one more lazy Monday night before the school bell rings.


Daisy said...

What is your actual major? Human biology? REALLY? Thank goodness I never had to take a biology class (not counting cognitive psych which was a lot of brain work) or I wouldn't have finished. If you happen to have to take statistics, don't freak, I'm your girl!

The monkey looks SO cute up there! He can put the Santa suit back on next Xmas. Now that you're all crafty, you could make him outfits for every season! I'm so proud of your newfound Marthaness!

Charly said...

I'm getting my master's in Social Work with an emphasis in counseling. I want to work in a school setting or private sector. We'll see???
NO! Me and Biology will not get along...this I know. Brady is going to help me with it thought with all of his science knowledge. And if I had to take Stats I would not be majoring in whatever major that would require. :)
I've actually thought about the different outfits for the Sock. I think a little yellow raincoat would be adorable. I think my newfound Marthaness has always been there, I'm just now letting her out. :)

Elizabeth said...

How about you name your monkey "Book Club". That way he can replace the non-existent one that the five of us are members of. We seriously need to get our acts together.

Charly said...

I did read the 13th tale or something like that. Have you guys met about that book? Yeah, it's really hard to be in a long distance book club. I miss you all.