Thursday, January 3, 2008

My little bite of the Big Apple

Jessica, here is the G rated version of our honeymoon. Actually it's the only version since walking in NYC tired us pretty quickly. We were in bed by 9:00/10:00 every night.
You pretty much heard my airplane stories, so here is my impression of NYC. I like making lists, so that is how you are getting it. :) Pictures will follow.
*I like NYC, it was neat to see all the monuments, buildings, stores that I've only seen on the big screen. I would not want to live there though.
*I would never go to NYC during Christmas again. It was so crowded with what seemed like a million tourists from every country and then us crazy Midwesterners. We waited 2 hours in line to go to the top of the Empire State building, which was probably one of my favorite moments. Looking out over every corner of Manhattan was an awesome sight. It was a clear, windy, extremely chilly day, but it was perfect for seeing from Brooklyn to New Jersey. The wait to see the Statue of Liberty was 3-4hours. We just took pictures from the pier.
*Things look smaller then they appear. The ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center was much smaller then I thought it would be. It might be small but it had every bit of Christmas magic I expected it to. I didn't dare touch my foot to the ice because with our luck I would've been in a caste the rest of the week.
*The SNL and Conan stages are tiny! I can't believe they do all they do on those stages. TV magic!
*Radio City Music Hall was pretty cool. The Rockettes are awesome in their routines. Never, I mean NEVER, out of step with each other. Brady didn't care for it, but I was watching it like a little kid. I pretty much took NYC in like a little kid. I wasn't so much in culture shock, just in amazement at this little island with such a big personality.
*Museum of Natural History-not for me. Metropolitan Museum of Art-LOVED! I went their by myself (on the last day) because Brady had his fill of the crowds. I tried to block out everyone around me and just absorb the masterpieces that I never thought I would get to see. I probably only saw half of the museum. I would've spent two full days there.
*I'm not a shopper. NYC is a town for someone who loves to shop. I took lots of pictures of the outside ritzy stores, but I only stepped into Macy's and Tiffany's. Brady bought me for Christmas something I have always wanted. A signature silver heart "Return to Tiffany's" bracelet. I love it! I think I might love the little blue box it came in just as much.
*NYC does sleep on Christmas Day. Many restaurants and attractions were closed on the 25th. I think we had pizza for Christmas dinner.
*Taxi drivers are fearless.
*It doesn't matter what kind of shoes you have on, if you walk as much as we did your feet will still feel like they want to fall off by the end of the day.
*NYC has some of the best sweets I have had in my life.
*Planet Hollywood: a hamburger, club sandwich, and two pops=$40!!!
This is why we ate somewhat cheap the rest of the week.
*I loved me some NYC pepperoni pizza! I want some right now.
*Grand Central Station has a romantic feel to it. Beautiful architecture.
*Bryant Park had really cool shops set up for Christmas. And of course I kept telling Brady, "This is where they do Fashion Week and this is where they come to on Project Runway." He didn't care.
*I found a really cool Japanese store that had one of a kind stationary, notebooks and pens. I found some charming Doxie paper. Love it!
*I'm sure there is much more to tell, but I guess I'll save all those little stories for just Brady and I to remember. NYC was a fun place to visit. I can't say it was my most favorite place ever. If we go back it will probably be in the springtime and I would like to see more of the as Brady calls it, "Hippie" areas. Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Soho,etc. We flew (in a taxi) by some of these areas and they just looked more like me. Quaint little boutiques with unique finds. Maybe next time.

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Elizabeth said...

It sounds like you two had a great time. Now you can come to OKC and show us that gorgeous bracelet. Wowzers!