Friday, December 28, 2007

"Mommy, are we crashing?"

Yeah, I heard a kid say this to his mom. Made me feel real good!
So we made it to NYC (I will blog on the trip itself later) safely and back home safely. I just want to share a few things I learned about airports and flying.
*The small jumper planes (the ones that flew us from Wichita/Chicago and St.Louis/Wichita) suck! I mean I hate them! I felt like I was in a cracker box.
*If a blizzard is to hit where you live, it will do so the day you plan to fly.
*The women/men (we only dealt with women) at the front desks of airlines are very willing to help. They made sure Brady and I sat together (I often used the, "this is my first time to fly" worked.) and they also accommodated us on many switch-a-roos due to the weather.
*Taking off...not so bad. Landing....not so good.
*Mentally going over Jessica's list of advice really helped me. I smiled every time I saw a child get on our flight.
*Having someone you love and someone that cares about you there to hold your hand and let you squeeze it really hard is wonderful. I couldn't have done it without Brady.
*I don't think I could fly alone.
*Listening to Children sing their ABC's and make donkey noises let's me know it's not all bad.
*Seeing the mountains of clouds or flying over the Statue of Liberty is kinda, I said kinda, worth it.
*Losing luggage (Brady's not mine) makes for a crabby mood. FYI: Pack extra clothes in carry-on.
*Eating a giant cookie and drinking ginger ale do not mix well with a nervous stomach and turbulence.
*Thinking of every 9/11 movie made and going over the different scenes in your mind, not a good idea.
*If you are flying for the first time they will pick you for extra security checks! It was probably the nervous vibes I was giving off. :)
*Just for the record: I only had one panic attack where I thought we were crashing. I started crying and dug my head into Brady's chest. I walked of the plane with red eyes and Brady with black mascara all over his white shirt he had to wear for two days.
*All in all, it got us to where we were going, but I can't say I fell in love with flying. Give me a road trip any day! NYC stories and pictures to come!


candice is so long winded said...

Oh wow! I am sooo glad you made it there and I cannot wait to hear your stories and see the pictures! Love you!

Jessica said...


See--you did great. Maybe one day you'll actually enjoy flying like my husband!

Or not...I still don't like it!

Can't wait to hear about the trip...

Jessica said...

Um, no more excuses...time to update with honeymoon stories!

G-rated, please...

Charly said...

I promise the stories and pictures are coming. We went straight to Wyandotte after the honeymoon for Christmas and we haven't stopped since....
I will try to blog tomorrow or Friday. I PROMISE!