Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Devious Dixie

Here is another weenie story for you.....Enjoy!
I heard Dixie (who I thought was Okie) wake up about 1:30 am this morning. I just thought she was roaming around because occasionally they will check out the apartment in the wee hours of the morning. Then I hear Brady get up. I walk into the kitchen and Brady is standing there looking at Dixie. I say, "What's going on?" He says,"I walked into the kitchen and Dixie was opening the cabinets with her nose, she just looked at me and wagged her tail." I guess she wanted to make an omelet or some toast. Who knows with that little wiener?


Daisy said...

Dachshunds are SO SMART! She probably would've had breakfast in bed ready for you guys if Brady hadn't interrupted her!

African Kelli said...

If I thought someone would make me an omelet and toast at 1:30 am, I'd probably wake them up too! :)