Sunday, December 2, 2007

All I want for Christmas is....

Every Christmas I remember writing out my list for my mom. I would grab the Wish Book and circle anything and everything I wanted. I never wanted clothes or anything practical. Unless everyone else was getting it of course.My mom doesn't ask for a list anymore and I don't offer one. I really don't need anything, but just in case Santa is is my wish list. I promise I've been good. :)

*I want to learn to sew. I took Home Ec. for three years in high school and I know the basics. But now I want a Sewing machine and maybe I need some more sewing lessons to go along with it.
*They have a sock monkey at Target and I want one. Don't ask why, I've just always wanted a sock monkey.
*I'm a magazine junkie, so instead of buying them at the store every time, I want subscriptions to Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, Rachael Ray, Domino, and Oklahoma Today (my intern subscription is running out!)
*An United States Atlas (small one). I need to plan my trip around around the states, may as well start now.
*New Perfume. I need a signature scent, someone stole mine. :)
*Green Tennis Shoes. I'm going to be walking a lot in NYC.
*Polaroid Camera. I've always wanted one. I think the prints are charming and old school.
*Who couldn't use an itunes gift card?
*Entire color set of fine tipped Sharpies. I love the way they write.
*A laptop, I miss the days of college when I had access to a Mac.
*And of course Peace on Earth!

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Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh! I love my atlas. It's all beat up from taking it on every road trip with Nathan. I like to track our progress along the way.