Thursday, December 20, 2007

I cried the day my doggies left me

Brady took the pups to their grandma and aunt's house today. My mom and sister are watching Dixie and Okie while we are in NYC. Last night I cuddled with them a little bit more. I played with the a little bit more. And I gave them a chewie. I know they are just my puppies, but I seriously treat them like my children. I cried this morning when I left them. (Like I've said before, I'm very emotional.)
My sister called me from the "drop off point" and said they wouldn't stop whining....then she starting crying. Oh we are a sad, sad family.
I've already called tonight to check on them. Mom has Dixie and my sister has Okie. I figured it would be better for my family if they each only had one doxie to deal with. Well....Casey (my sis) said Okie has been moping around all night. She won't go outside, she won't play with my sister's dog and she just looks sad. She misses her sister. I told Casey to take her to Mom's tomorrow so they will be together.
My poor pups. I miss them. Sad? Pathetic? I don't care.
Can you imagine how I will be when I have kids? Scary to think about.

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Elizabeth said...

You're not pathetic. I totally cry every time I have to leave Ener-Beaner when I go out of town. Brooke and Derek are our babysitters though. I secretly think that Enid likes it when we're gone and she gets to see her Aunt Brooke.

Oh Brother! We seriously need children, Charly. I just referred to my friend as my cat's aunt.