Tuesday, December 4, 2007

This is what I deal with.....

Do you notice that those are my legs wrapped around Okie and Dixie? When I craft (or whatever you call it) I cram myself between the couch and the coffee table. We don't have a dining table or a dining room for that matter. I sprawl all my stuff out and throw a blanket over my legs, to keep cozy. But guess who always migrates over to me and sneaks under the blanket? They nap, lick themselves or each other until I decide it's time to get up. They can be annoying, but they sure cute!
These are my final round of little stuffed monsters. I'm not for sure if you would consider them a monster, but I think they are pretty cute. I especially like the purple one. I hope the kiddos like them.
One more thing before I go. I've found another blog that is really amazing. This girl does everything. I really admire her crafting, baking, adventures and just about everything else....and she loves margaritas! Check out African Kelli.


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Daisy said...

I love your little monsters! You need to put those up on etsy and sell them!

Btw, the weather here hasn't gotten bad yet. It's cold and kinda rainy, but I don't think it's supposed to ice until tonight. I don't plan on leaving the house for the next 3 days!