Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day Six: Working at it...

So yesterday I posted Day Six which should be Day Five and today will be Day Seven but I'm posting about Day Six. Did you get that?
You would think as long as I've been on this WW journey (since 10/13/09) that I would have this all down, oh but I don't! I make choices that after I write them down, I think, WHY did you do that? So, even though I've been on WW for awhile now, I'm still working at it. Still trying to figure it out. I am definitely a work in progress!
Oh yeah, I weigh in today!!!!

2 pc 45 cal bread: 1pt
banana: 2pt
1 TB peanut butter: 3pt

Baked Cheetos: 3 pts

Lunch: (OK, seriously....14pts for my lunch, something has to change!)
Bowl of beans: 3 pts
1 pc bread: 1 pt
turkey: 2 pts
1 pc. cheese: 2 pts
2 pc. bacon: 3 pts
salad: 0 pts
sm amount of chipotle ranch: 2 pts
WW cookie: 1pt

Burrito Casserole:
Refried Beans: 2pts
onion/tomato: 0pts
tortilla: 3pts
cheese: 4pts
SKINNY COW (I think I had been putting Laughing Cow!) Ice Cream: 2pt

Used all 25 points plus 9 more. This put me 10 points over my 35 points for the week!


Elizabeth said...

It's so funny. For you, lunch seems the hardest. For me it's always the time right after I get home and before I eat dinner. And also after dinner.

not so zen momma said...

I had wondered if the cheese people (Laughing Cow) had been making ice cream.

Proud of you Charly girl.