Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day Six: Case's Fault?

No. It's not the little man's fault. It was my mind thinking I NEEDED bites of his cake or bites of his donut. Goodness, I need to feed my kid better! But it was his birthday right?
So I went 8. If your counting, I've used all 35 extra points this week, plus one AND the week isn't over. I will say, this week in tracking is going much better then usual. By this time in the past I am 35 points over my extra 35 points.

Next....I need to tackle exercise!

2 pc. 45 cal bread-1pt
small amount of egg white substitute-1pt
1/2 portion of WW individual bag's of shredded cheese-1pt
1 pc. Canadian bacon-1pt
diet juice-0pt

7 pc. chocolate rice cakes

1/2 BLT (no mayo)-8pts
6 skinny fries-3pts
smaller amount then yesterday of chiptole ranch-2pts
3 small bites of cake-3

1 pc. of pizzeria cheese/mushroom pizza-6pts
1/2 donut-3 pts
WW dessert-3pts
*Let me explain: I thought if I bought a WW dessert to eat while Case was eating his birthday donut, then I wouldn't want can laugh now because seriously...I should've known better. ***

I used all 25 points plus 8 more. This means today I really need to stay within my points. Stay tuned....

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