Monday, May 3, 2010

Day Three: I heart Avacados

Did not stay within my points, but that was because of a lovely tasting avocado. AND I am ok with that! I had a pretty calm day....don't get me started on how my night went. Case doesn't understand that momma needs her beauty sleep.

banana-2 pts
2 slice 45 calorie bread-1pt
reduce fat peanut butter-3pt
*I love PB, but hate how many points it cost me.*

2 slice 45 calorie bread-1pt
1 slice 2% cheese-1pt
3 thin slices deli ham-3 pt
dill pickle-0pt
baked Cheetos-3pt

Laughing Cow Ice Cream Sandwich (YUM!)-2pts
*I was going to do the no desserts for a week thing, but desserts are my happy food, desserts are my thing. I figured if I deprived myself for a whole week that at the end I would just binge on every sweet snack I could find. So instead I have bought some "diet" desserts and will munch on them when I see fit.*

Dinner: *I need to put this in a recipe builder but until then these are the points I came up with...*
olive oil-1pt
1 avocado-8pts
*Worth every point!!!!*
Laughing Cow Ice Cream Sandwich-2pts

Used all 25 points....went 8 over.

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