Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back to me

26)My favorite shape is a circle.
27)I've always wanted to be famous.
28)I played softball for eleven years, but was never really any good at it.
29)I had nose surgery my senior year in high school because a softball hit me in the face.
30)When I was little I wanted to be a marine biologist.
31)I'm scared of water, especially when I can't see to the bottom.
32)I collect unique mint tins, especially Altoids.
33)I was voted most creative in high school.
34)I could eat homemade cookies every second of every day.
35)I named my dog, Dixie, after my favorite band....the DIXIE CHICKS!
36)I believe birthdays are very special days and should be celebrated that way.
37)I met the hubby at a Hank Williams Jr. concert.
38)I made the first move!
39)I'm extremely clumsy.
40)I'm a blog stalker and I'm not ashamed. There are some awesome blogs out there.
41)I wished we lived in Oklahoma.
42)I love margaritas on a hot summer day or any day for that matter.
43)I want to travel all over the United car.
44)I love being a hostess.
45)I could spend hours in Hallmark reading cards and sometimes crying. 46)I cry a lot. I just can't help it, once it starts, it won't stop.
47)I want to be a clinical social worker and work with kids.
48)I found out today that I got into the Masters of Social Work program.
49)I've never been camping....real camping in a tent with a fire.
50)My immediate family and I are super close.
51)I miss them like crazy!
52)I can remember my childhood friends phone numbers.
53)I talk a lot.
54)I'm scared to be alone at night.
55)I'm afraid of the dark.
56)I want to learn to quilt and knit.
57)I had an eyebrow ring in college.
58)And pink hair.
59)It was all a phase.
60)I love buying magazines.

On another note: I know ya'll go to Target. I go there quite often, I went there tonight. I've always went through the $ section there at the front of the store. I found some cute little stocking stuffers there tonight and there was other stuff.....but then I looked at where it was made and of course it was Made in China. I know not everything is contaminated with lead, but I would rather not risk it. I also know that I own many things that are made in China and who knows, they could contain lead. But knowing what I know about the contamination in products, especially toys, it made me pass right by the cute little stuffers. It's a shame that we even have to worry about it. I'm just saying.....


Daisy said...

Wow, you're making me want to do a list about ME! But that wouldn't be very creative to steal your idea, would it (especially since I'd probably use your list as a template)? I loved reading all about Chuck!

Jessica said...

Congratulations on getting into the masters program!!! That is very exciting. When do you start?

Jessica said...

Hey, I just saw the stagehand strike on Broadway is over. So the shows will be back on in time for your honeymoon!!

Are you guys going to any Broadway shows? I'm soooo jealous. New York is my favorite city in the world, and I've always wanted to go at Christmas time.

Skate in Rockefellar Center for me, ok?! And take a sleigh ride through Central Park. And lots of pictures so we can live vicariously through you!

Charly said...

I stole this idea to do a list about myself! I want to hear things about Daisy. It would be very interesting. :)

Charly said...

Jessica, I have to take a human bio. class this spring, but I start the program in the fall. I'm excited but nervous!
I wanted to go see Wicked in NYC but it is sold out. We still may try and get tickets. We are going to see the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Extravaganza. I will take lots of pictures and I'm sure I'll have plenty to blog about when I get back.