Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Went to the chapel and I got married.

I'm having a blah day and what else could cheer me up other then wedding pictures. I'll try to have more to say tomorrow.

Italian Creme, Carrot and Red Velvet....Oh my!
I loved my dress.
So sweet!

Jesus looking down on the bride.
Purdy cake, yummy cake.
My sister and her friend rocked at doing the decorations.


Daisy said...

Beautiful pics! Hope you're feeling a little better now.

Btw, sorry I haven't been commenting, but for some reason my Reader doesn't like your feeds, so it hasn't been updating for me...

Charly said...

I'm feeling much better. Just had one of those PMS days.
Jen has a really good picture of all of us on her myspace page. You might have taken one as well. We are some hot married couples.