Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Must Watch TV

We watch a lot of TV, maybe too much. I'm seriously cutting down, but these are some shows I just can't miss.
Weeds-I think Mary-Louise Park is just adorable. I love the way she tilts her head while chewing on a straw from one of her many coffee drinks of the day. (Ok, I may have a small crush on her.) I also just love how this show is put together. Who couldn't love this dysfunctional family of drug dealers?

The Real Housewives of Orange County-There is something about watching "housewives" lounge in the pool, wear and drive bling bling and get botox that is satisfying. Oh, I can't wait to be a "real" housewife.

Wednesday: This is my busy night, I might be cutting out Life.
Project Runway-Who needs an explanation?
Gossip Girl-High school students in the ritzy part of NYC, spoiled rotten brats who do everything and anything. It' great!
Life-The jury is still out on this one. I liked it at first, but I've got to make room for Project Runway.

Grey's Anatomy-an old classic that still gets to me.

Friday Night Lights- If you ever planned your entire social calendar around a football game in high school or college for that matter, you'll like this show. Plus there is a lot of drama in this one small town.

This is usually the night we rent a movie, watch random shows or watch shows we missed during the week. Thank you DVR!

King of the Hill-I love me some Hank Hill.
Dexter-I love this serial killer, I don't care how wrong that is.


Daisy said...

Oh girl, if that's ALL you watch, then you're doing well! haha! But seriously, I know what you mean because I'm a TV addict to:

*How I Met Your Mother (best sitcom in YEARS)
*Big Bang Theory, 2-1/2 Men, Rules of Engagement (don't HAVE to see, but they fill the time)
*Weeds--I'm hot for Conrad and live for Kevin Nealon's one-liners.
*Californication--Could David Duchovney be any sexier?!?! So sad the season is over!
*Dexter--I save it for Monday so I can have one big Showtime block. And Michael C. Hall is MUCH hotter than he was on SFU. More shirtless shots please!

Take a break, maybe watch Ghost Hunters if I haven't seen the one that's on.

*Pushing Daisies--Dead Like Me with an extra ton of sugary-sweetness and less swearing.
*Comedy Central--Usually South Park, Sarah Silverman Program (LOVE Brian Posehn as a gay man!), etc.

*My Name is Earl--Reminds me of too many people I know not to watch.
*30 Rock--TINA FEY!!!
*8:00 I need DVR--depends on my mood, either The Office/Scrubs or CSI
*Comedy Central, usually re-watching the same shows I watched the night before.

*Ghost Whisperer--I have a crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt and I love ghost stories, so, yeah...
*Moonlight--A vampire detective? HELL YEAH! I have to have something to fill the Buffy void.
*Real Time with Bill Mahr--The only reason I keep HBO.

Breaktime again...

Sunday (aka cartoon night)
*FOX animation block--ALL of them!
*Cartoon Network Adult Swim Block--YES, all of them too!

Add in the nightly viewings of The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Futurama, and other Adult Swim/cartoon shows and you can see why I never read anymore...

Daisy said...

Oh yeah, that last comment of mine is what we in the blog world like to call a "blomment." It's a blog of my own typed into your comment section. This happens quite often with me, as you shall see.

Charly said...

Oh, I forgot to mention....the shows I listed are "Must See TV", I actually watch a lot more shows then that, but they are not ones that I plan my life around. :) Daisy's list is quite expansive though. Does Little Daisy or Daddy Daisy ever get to watch the TV? :)