Thursday, November 29, 2007

the rest of the story

61)My favorite flower is a gerber daisy.
62)I love eating ice.
63)I have a gap between my two front teeth.
64)It use to bother me but now I can't imagine myself with out it.
65)I was teased for it in grade school.
66)I need to lose weight really bad but cannot seem to care enough to do something about it.
67)I've done WW many times and quit.
68)I was obsessed with Felicity and Real World my freshman year in college.
69)I had never had cable before that.
70)I sometimes wish we didn't have cable.
71)I would love to leave a more simple life, but it would be hard to let go of certain things.....many things.
72)I would rather use a manual camera then digital.
73)As a child I was afraid of nuclear war....a little messed up.
74)I love mushy grape nuts with lots of splenda.
75)I like spicy food.
76)I have Brady tuck me into bed every night.
77)I wish I read more.
78)I don't nearly use my ipod as much as I thought I would.
79)I'm craving a sugar cookie with icing right now.
80)I crave sweets a lot!
81)My favorite color changes year to year. But my all time favorite color since childhood is sky blue.
82)My current favorite color is grass green. Loving it!
83)I like to say, Seriously. I watch too much Grey's.
84)I have green eyes.
85)In some ways I don't think I'll ever grow up.
86)I can't get mad. I don't remember the last time I was angry.
87)I just cry when I'm upset.
88)I also cry when I'm happy.
89)Sometimes I cry but I just tell people my eyes are watering. I can't control it, it can be embarrassing.
90)I thought this list would be easier then it is.
91)The one thing I really want when we have a house is a window above the kitchen sink.
92)My favorite Disney movie is Cinderella.
93)The tornado in Wizard of Oz was scarier to me then the witch.
94)I just found out that Grey's is a rerun and I'm not happy.
95)I have kept a diary since grade school.
96)I had two guy roommates in college.
97)I partied hard during those days.
98)I've since calmed down....quite a bit!
99)I've never smoked a cigarette or anything for that matter.
100)I hope everyone enjoyed this list of ME.


Elizabeth said...

I too was irratated with the Grey's re-run stunt. It was supposed to be part two. Seriously!! ;)

Elizabeth said...

irritated. oops. I really need to proofread. Seriously!