Monday, November 26, 2007

First Edition of 100 Things About Me

I've seen this on other blogs and hopefully this will help me get through the last few days of November.
1)I complain about it but I love when my dogs cuddle with me.
2)I go to SuperTarget or Hobby Lobby after Brady and I fight. It makes me feel better.
3)I am very, very bad at basic math.
4)I loved Oklahoma History growing up.
5)Soft old sheets are my favorite, the ones with no little fabric balls on them.
6)I love my name....Charly C
7)I hate driving in the rain, but love being at home when it is raining watching a movie cuddled up on the couch.
8)I'm starting to love cooking and baking.
9)I love to organize.
10)Planning my wedding stressed me out to the max.
11)But it was worth every minute of it.
12)Every time I see a weenie puppy, I want another one.
13)I wish I would've minored in art in college.
14)I listen to NPR every morning.
15)I'm a pen snob.
16)If I break a pens clippy thing, I'll stop using it.
17)I buy a new address book every other year.
18)I like my handwriting.
19)I have two tattoos.
20)I designed both of them.
21)I kind of want one more.
22)I want a baby before I'm 30.
23)Valentines is one of my favorite holidays.
24)I have a very good memory, it's kinda creepy.
25)I'll fly for the first time on Dec. 22nd when we go to NYC.

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