Saturday, November 10, 2007

Oh how I miss....

I came to OKC this weekend to get my haircut (pictures to come, not as drastic as I thought it would be) and visit my best friend. When I come to OKC I always want to eat at places I never get to go to in Kansas. So here is the rundown.....
Hideaway Pizza- I had the wonderful fried mushrooms, the Mob Boss (lots of pepperoni, bacon!, onions and garlic) and a Corona to top it off. Oh, how wonderful this pizzeria rocks!
Camps-We had lunch here on Saturday. It was good, but not as good as it use to be. The sandwich I had did have bacon on it though. Can you tell I love bacon!
Someplace Else-We had to go there to have a few cookies. I use to eat here a lot when I worked at the magazine. I had my favorites.....white chocolate chip macadamia nut and a lemon bar. I washed those down with a good ol' root beer.
Irma's-This is my favorite burger joint in OKC. I had the No Name burger w/ bacon (I'm going to have to stop with this bacon addiction) and french fries. We wanted a maple pecan cookie, but they only had one! Can and I split it and they went ahead and brought us out 4! chocolate chip cookies. Works for me!
Tomorrow I will have Pei Wei before heading out of town. I'll have to eat there by myself because Brady doesn't care for it. That is fine with me...
So until next time OKC, thanks for all the great grub and bacon. I'll be back soon!

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