Thursday, November 8, 2007

Really Simple

My favorite magazine at the moment is Real Simple. I love the layout, photography and the simplicity of it. Some of the stuff is not very practical for myself, but there is some interesting articles, recipes and just everyday tips. Ya'll should check it out. And even more exciting, since I don't subscribe to it but just pick it up at Target every month, I had a coupon in my new Real Simple Address book for $2 off. Rocks! And yes, Real Simple also has an organizational line at....Target.
In other news, I have had an apartment full of Mucinex men living in my throat for about a month and a half. They have been moving out slowly, but I think they all just renewed their leases today with my body. If anyone has any advice on how to remove the "gunk" out of my throat let me know. I've been on two rounds of antibiotics, steroids and TWO bottles of Mucinex. I'm tired of hacking up the gunk and my lungs.


Daisy said...

Claritin! It takes all the mucus away and it makes you feel like you're on crack! It's the only thing keeping me going during this fall allergy season!

Elizabeth said...

Just get new lungs. Duh! : )

Jessica said...

I LOVE Real Simple. It is my favorite magazine (next to People) and because it's such a pretty magazine and always looks like a coffee table book, I save them all. I have every issue from the last two's the hardest to throw away!