Monday, November 12, 2007

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Here is a full shot of my new hair-do. The background is dark and my hair is dark, so it's hard to really see. But you can see my bangs and they are not exactly what I thought I wanted. I really wanted to go for the full across the forehead bangs. Next time!

Here is a picture of my hair pulled up, you can see more of my bangs. I'm going to try to curl my hair under tomorrow, I'm not for sure if I like the flip. It makes my hair look frizzy at the ends.

I bought this sequined hair band at Target for $1 and I think it might just be my new look.

Another exciting blog brought to you by CharlyGirl. :)

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not so zen momma said...

I celebrated after getting married by getting a short hair cut too!