Sunday, November 4, 2007

Don't ask me to go to Goodwill, a garage sale or antique store

I have a very strange phobia. I'm grossed out/bothered by old, used things. I think it started with my mom, sister and more recently my friend Candice dragging me to garage sales and flea markets. I don't like the idea of buying items that belonged to other people. I don't like the smell some of the items have.....old, musty, yucky! I'm weird, I know. I can't even handle the old files we have in our office. I try and refuse to touch them, but I guess somewhere in my job description it says, "must handle old, musty files." So after viewing some crafting blogs, I see that they use a lot of "vintage" aka: old items. Cute stuff! Wonderful objects! Yesterday, I thought I would overcome my fear and go to the Goodwill to find my very own treasures to craft with. I walked in, took one lap around the store, touched one book very briefly and walked out! I couldn't handle it! They had a toilet seat for sale. Who donates a toilet seat? Vicki said I made the first step and maybe it would be better if I tried an antique store before I venture to a thrift store. I think she's going to put me on a 12 step program for my "old stuff" phobia.
I would rather just stick with my brand new stuff and look for wonderful, beautiful new stuff that just looks old. I will try to be more resourceful in other ways, just not with Great Aunt Edna's toilet seat.


not so zen momma said...

You did own a couch that used to belong to me and then belonged to Liz. I'd say that it isn't a phobia of old stuff, just old stuff that strangers touched.

I would too be offended by the Goodwill toilet seat. Was it a padded seat? Those are the worst!

Elizabeth said...

Brooke beat me. I was gonna mention my couch. My goal was for every member of the book club to own that couch at one time. Oh well, maybe it's okay that we all sat on it at one time.

Just Me said...

Oh it was a padded toilet seat! She did very good at Goodwill and actually touched 2 things! Thanks for hanging out with me Charly! I had alot of fun. Next time we will try the antique store and see if you do better there.

Daisy said...

That's okay, Chuck... I mean it's not as if consumerism is out of control and tons useful stuff end up in the landfills that pollute Mother Earth! haha!

If you ever decide to have kiddos, though, you may change your mind. We would have gone broke if I hadn't received hand-me-downs and bought stuff at consignment stores. It can be overwhelming, but I also take pride in saving the $$$ and making a good "find."

I still love you even if you're wasteful! (KIDDING! not on the love part, but the wasteful part!)

Charly said...

I want to be resourceful, I really do. I just don't think the Goodwill is the place to start for me. Maybe a garage sale where I can see the people where the merchandise is coming from. I know I seem shallow and stuck up, but I'm really not. I'm sure once I have a little one, I'll be right along there with you and Can garage sale hopping. And I will always take hand me downs from people I know. I'm so weird!