Thursday, November 15, 2007

Taco Bueno not bueno

Other then eating out while we were in OKC, I have yet to eat out while in Wichita for the last two weeks.....except today. A friend of mine at work asked me to go eat lunch and I told her the whole deal (not eating out for two weeks, blah, blah). Well, I'm known to give into peer pressure and of course I did. So off I went to Taco Bueno. I ordered the Triple Dip and it was way too much. I felt so sick afterwards. I think the Bueno was trying to teach me a lesson. Eating out once in two weeks though is pretty darn good. I'm still going to work on eating more at home, but the occasional eating out is ok. We will see.


not so zen momma said...

I know your post was supposed to keep me from wanting to go to Taco Bueno, but Mexi Dip N Chips sounds all too good!

Elizabeth said...

I haven't had those wonderful star-shaped fried cups filled with yumminess in five months. Man I could seriously go for the guacamole one right now.

Charly said...

It's not worth it, trust me. My tummy ached for quite awhile!