Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Giving Thanks....a few days early

I am thankful for.....
*my husband. I am his yin, he is my yang.
*my marriage, rough spots and all.
*my parents. They are awesome in every which way.
*my sister. If she only knew how wonderful she is.
*my niece and nephew. They rock!
*my in-laws. They love me like their own.
*my friends. From far away to close by, they accept me for me and allow me to realize how precious close friends are. I miss you guys!
*my Okie and Dixie. They will always keep my feet warm under the covers. They always make me smile.
*my home in Wyandotte. I can always go there.
*for my life and how blessed I have been. There are many materialistic things I am thankful for like Hobby Lobby, Target, ice tea makers, chi straightening irons, DVR's, cookies, pepperoni pizza and the list goes on. But those things don't kiss me goodnight, send me sweet cards for every holiday imaginable, drink wine while watching animal rescue shows, explain the ups and downs of a successful marriage or give me that cozy feeling in my heart when I look at them.
This year I count my blessings and give thanks for all I have.


Jessica said...

Great list! And totally insightful to think about the non-material things...I would be pretty thankful for Starbucks and Target, myself!

You forgot to mention book club...I mean, I know we're practically non-existent since Liz doesn't want to meet anymore, but still. We're pretty cool.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Charly said...

You guys are way cool! :) Happy Thanksgiving! Eat lots of good food.