Friday, November 2, 2007

Best Week Ever, okay not ever, but pretty good

I don't know why but this has been a really good week. I haven't had a week like this in awhile. Yes, Brady has been gone, but it would've been just a good of a week if he was here. I miss him, he'll be home on Sunday.

I know there are reasons why I've had such a good week, let me list them:
  • I learned to wear pumps. Not that I didn't know how, but I enjoyed wearing them. They made me feel "put together" and not like a slob.

Purdy brown pumps with really cute inside print

  • I didn't take a sleeping aid all week and I felt better then ever in the mornings. I didn't lay back down, fall asleep, then realize, oh crap I have to be at work in 30 minutes.
  • I was at work early or just in time everyday this week. Doesn't happen that much.
  • I drank lots of ice tea. I heart my new ice tea maker.

    Bow to the ice tea maker!

  • I didn't dress sloppy at all this week. See the above comment about the shoes. I even tried when it came to putting on makeup and fixing my hair.
  • The wedding pictures were posted on the photographers website. They are so good! I don't know how we will ever choose. It made me so happy to see them and relive the day all over again. I can't wait to look at them with Brady.
  • Oh yeah, duh! I finally started this blog. I'm excited about this new adventure.
  • I haven't watched that much TV. I'm going to try and limit my TV intake. We will see how that goes, especially with Project Runway coming on soon. "Make it work." I heart Tim Gunn.
  • I think the thing that has made me the happiest this week is my renewed excitement to create. Create, Create and Create some more. There is a blog that is so inspiring and awesome. I don't know just yet how to link to it (will try and read Daisy's email about doing all the fun technical stuff later). It's called SouleMama. This woman is amazing. She has so many good ideas. She allows her children to create, imagine, pretend, express, play and just be themselves. I love it! She has inspired me to make/create all my Christmas presents, especially the ones for the kiddos. I'm ecstatic about this. I'm heading to Hob Lob tomorrow with Vicki to search for the materials for said presents. Vicki is even letting me borrow her sewing machine. Yes, some of the crafts involve sewing. Eek! I will post my creations as I go.
  • One more thing that is making me happy, I'm going to try and get over my phobia of old stuff by going to the GoodWill. That is a post in itself. I'll just leave you hanging on that one until I post about it.
  • I lied. One more thing that is making me happy. I feel like life is just good. We have all the normal problems. Bills, money, more bills, being sickly, etc. But Brady and I are together, the stress of the wedding is over, Brady is back to good health, work is going good, we have good friends, wonderful family, we have a honeymoon to NYC coming up in December, my creative juices are flowing is just good.

Ask me about all of this next week and things might change, but for now I'm one happy chick.


Elizabeth said...

Using new wedding gifts is fun. I'm so excited about PR season 4. I was reading the bios on some of the new designers. It should be interesting. Cute shoes by the way.

not so zen momma said...

I heart Tim Gunn too!