Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fast Food Nation Breaks the Bank

I was having a discussion today with a co-worker about how much we eat out. I told her we ate out a lot and I always try to justify it. "It's Halloween, Brady is gone, I must go and splurge at Applebee's." or "It's Friday and I must have Freddy's Frozen Custard." or "I had a bad day, I must have Taco Pronto." or "I'm lazy and don't feel like cooking, let's go to Texas Roadhouse." Brady and I tend to eat from CHEAP (Taco Pronto), to sometimes on the pricey side (TX Roadhouse/Red Beans). So, while complaining about how we need to stop eating out and how I have vowed not to eat out at all this week....(until we go to OKC because I cannot go to OKC without having Pei Wei, Irma's and possibly a stop at Ted's), I decided to add up in my checkbook registry how much we spent on eating out for the month of October.
Yes, that figure is right....$330.44! Crazy! That could have been a lot of home cooked meals, some debt paid off or a lot else. Here I go trying to justify it all, but last month was kind of crazy with the wedding and all. Seriously though, we really need to cut down on eating out. I think once a week would be fine, but I don't know if the hubby would go along with that. I would ask him, but I made the mistake of giving him a VERY EARLY Christmas present and he has now been hooked to an ipod for three hours.
So here is my challenge to at least myself, do not eat out this week, other then OKC, or next week. I'll post about this in two weeks and we'll see how much money I've saved.


Jessica said...

Good luck with that one. I've been vowing not to eat out for two weeks for about 10 years now. Seriously!

not so zen momma said...

I think Irma's on 63rd closed because Chesapeake bought them out. They opened a new restaurant in midtown. I just visited the website and it still has both locations listed. I just wanted to give you a heads up!


Charly said...

Thanks for the heads up! I've would have been upset getting there and it be closed, at least they have another location. I really need some Irma's meatloaf and a cold beer, throw in a cookie as well.

Daisy said...

With Mike's schedule, he ends up eating out more than I do. I'll make a frozen dinner and tell him to "grab something" at work because I hate cooking and having to wait until 8:00 or later to eat. But seriously, you'll be doing yourself a favor if you do start cooking at home. Not only is it healthier, but it is cheaper. Oh, and just to brag, Mike does dishes for me every night, so *hint hint* Brady! haha!

Irma's on 63rd closed?!?! I'm glad I saw this post!!! Even though I haven't been there in a while, I would've been saddened to have gone there and found the doors closed!